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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 46 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/01/2019

Did you feel bored with zombie-themed products? You don’t want to experience zombies-related challenges? You are sure with these choices, and you will have to change your mind after experiencing Zombie West: Dead Frontier. Join the exciting challenges of this game to discover many unique images of zombie land. Experience fascinating shooting and run fast before the pursuit of zombies. Overcome many levels with the most exciting challenges. Experience a dangerous west with fascinating stories.

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Attractive space

Like the name of the game, Zombie West: Dead Frontier for iOS brings people to a wild west with many dangers. And the most dangerous enemy you have to overcome is zombies, they invaded the west and destroyed many towns. You have the task of rescuing the west from the invasion and destruction of zombies. Your task is not easy; you must overcome many pitfalls and face many dangerous challenges. Experience right now to discover exciting fighting styles and overcome many crazy but fun challenges.

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Experience this exciting game

Zombie West: Dead Frontier APK Mod offers various challenging game modes such as shooting, running and mini-games. Each challenge will have its requirements and activities to participate. With shooting mode, you will be using many different guns to kill zombies on the way. The game will provide a variety of weapons for you to use, players, need to accumulate more bonuses to unlock and use new weapons. Note, you need to shoot accurately to kill because ammunition is not infinite. You need to accumulate a lot of ammunition before experiencing shooting mode.

Zombie West: Dead Frontier – Undead Wild West Survival Game

If your gun runs out of ammunition, you will join the very interesting running mode. After running out of bullets, you must flee to a safe position before the pursuit of many zombies. Along the way will appear many obstacles, players need to pay attention and avoid obstacles to move to a safe position. There are lots of gold coins on the track; you need to collect them so you can buy more ammunition. In addition to running mode to collect more gold coins, you can also experience mini-games. When participating in mini-games, you get another interesting challenge to collect bonuses. To experience many different levels of the game, accumulate more bonuses and shoot accurately to complete the request.

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Zombie West: Dead Frontier for Android has beautiful graphics and is built impressively with different colors. This game is very prominent when used by a manufacturer using a diverse color system that brings a lot of lively movement. Images and characters of the game are designed in a very impressive animation style. The information and layout of the well-designed game make it easier to experience the menu.

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Many exciting game modes and challenges, Zombie West: Dead Frontier will make you love the unique zombie theme. Simple control system makes it easy to experience in many locations; interesting content helps you get the ideal entertainment time. Please use the link at the end of the article to quickly set up and experience this game on your device.