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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 140 MB
  • Date Updated: 17/03/2018

Yesterday, developer QPLAZE released a new game called Zombie Raid: Survival. Zombie Raid: Survival is an action game and compatible with all mobile devices today. Let’s find out more about Zombie Raid: Survival.

Zombie Raid: Survival APK Mod Money

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Background of death

In the world of Zombie Raid: Survival Mod Money, a dangerous epidemic has emerged and spread rapidly throughout the world. People are infected with the disease that they will die and turn into bloodthirsty zombies. You will play as a carpenter with an axe; you will control this character and use the axe to destroy the zombies and survive. The journey of the carpenter is to destroy the zombies and save the world.

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The gameplay

When you start playing Zombie Raid: Survival for Android, the player have to control the character with his axe and destroy the zombies. On the way, there will be many traps and bloodthirsty zombies. Players need to skillfully dodge traps and destroy the fastest zombies to overcome the challenges. When you kill the zombies, they will drop weapons and items. Use these items and weapons to equip and upgrade the power of your character.

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Zombie Raid: Survival APK – Blacksmiths shoot zombies

Zombie Raid: Survival’s control system is designed to be very compact and easy to use.You control the movement of your character by two virtual keys below the left corner of the screen, control the character jump and attack with 2 virtual keys in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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The game’s control is really simple; you only need to skillfully overcome the pitfalls and zombies to win. There are many types of zombies and various traps that challenge players. Weapons systems are also as abundant as biological weapons or supporting items.

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At higher levels, new zombies will appear and have more difficult skills for the players, the number of zombies will also increase. You need to collect new weapons and support items to upgrade your character’s strengths and to overcome challenges.

Graphics and sound

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Zombie Raid: Survival for iOS is designed with classic 2D graphics, character images and zombies are shown clearly and vividly. The sounds are pretty good, the sound of bloodthirsty zombies and the soundtrack is quite scary. Images and sounds in Zombie Raid: Survival give gamers the excitement and thrill.

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Zombie Raid: Survival APK Download is an action and zombie game, with an engaging story and simple gameplay. Weapon system and various equipment, sound quality and images are quite good, showing quite clearly the horror of zombies. The game will give the players the fun and unique experience. You can download the Zombie Raid: Survival via the link below the article.