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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 41 MB
  • Date Updated: 03/10/2018

Do you want to be an inventor, an engineer or simply a technician? Therefore, you should not miss the upcoming Zombie Motors simulation game of Candy Grill. The game takes you to a world of creativity and challenge. This is a simulation game that you should experience once. Learn about Zombie Motors for iOS game and the exciting things that await you when you experience the game.

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Creative games

This is a simulation game that many players are interested in. The game combines the elements of creativity and action. You will build machines with many weapons to defeat other players, use them to win, set up your profile and challenge other players to beat your record.

zombie motors 2

Create your war machine

Zombie Motors APK Mod will give you the parts you need to build a fighting machine. Once completed, you will use them to engage in intense PVP battles. To build a machine, just touch the screen to move the parts you want to put together to create a complete machine. Once you have completed a machine, you will put them into the PVP war. After each PVP match, you will receive a reward and a gift box, in which the gift box will include many prizes. Bonuses will be used to upgrade the details of the machine. The more upgrades, your machine will have an advantage over enemies.

Zombie Motors for Android/iOS – Gameplay

At the initial level, you can easily overpower the enemy with a simple machine. But at the harder level, you will encounter more complicated machines so be careful. Then you need a more sophisticated machine to be able to defeat the enemy. Upgrade your machine and have an innovative design to create a complete machine. You will challenge players around the world and prove you are the best creator.

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Game images are beautifully prepared. The details are designed impressively. Smooth motion images. With smooth movements, players will be happy to participate in each PVP match. In the game will have an impressive background effect that players do not feel bored in each game.

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Are you impressed with the simulation game, you want to develop your creativity? Download and experience the exciting moments in Zombie Motors. This is a game that will bring you relaxation time after every day of stress. Join friends and make friends with creative lovers around the world just like you.