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  • Date Updated: 02/02/2018

Zombies are always a subject for developers to exploit, there are a lot of movies, comics and games on the subject. Especially, there are fun games like Zombie vs Plant, Zombie Tsunami … However, these games have appeared for a long time and can make you feel boring. Do not worry; we will introduce you to the game Zombie Ground .io extremely attractive.

Download Zombie Ground .io Apk v1.8.0 Mod Full

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Download Zombie Ground .io was released worldwide on January 29 by IDEABOX Co., Ltd on both Android and iOS. With its appeal, Zombie Ground .io has quickly reached 500,000 downloads and 2000 ratings on Google Play. Get along with us to learn about this game.


Your city is in the momentum of development, people’s lives are happening in a gentle and peaceful way. A pandemic is beginning to appear, and people who become infected become zombies. Luckily, you and some other people are still not infected and still a normal person. However, Zombie wants to eat the flesh of the living, you must fight to protect yourself.

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To fight the zombies, you need to move around to find weapons, which will appear randomly on your way. Collect the guns and kill the zombies to protect you and the uninfected.

You will meet the zombies anywhere in the city, each time you kill the zombies you will receive bonuses. Use that money to change your character image and upgrade weapons to make them stronger.

Control system

Zombie Ground .io Mod Apk has an easy control system, you can quickly get used to it. The left side of the screen will be the virtual key to move, the right screen will be the virtual key to shoot. The rest will display other game parameters such as money earned, medical supplies …

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The zombies will move very slowly, you will have enough time to destroy them. However, they are large and dangerous, use the weapons you have to destroy them as quickly as possible.

Game Features

– The speed of the game is very fast, always be wary of the zombies, they can appear everywhere.
– You will be engaged in a life-and-death battle, just like the PUBG game.
– There are many different types of guns to choose from.

Download Zombie Ground .io Gameplay (Android/iOS)

Simple graphics

Zombie Ground .io for Android is an action game but has a very simple graphic design. The character image and Zombie image are small and very cute. Also, the characters will have many different outfits; this will help you distinguish the Zombie and human. The city is well designed, and many cars will interfere with your travel.

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Zombie Ground .io for iOS is perfect for entertaining after hours of hard work and study. It will not take much of your time, download and enjoy this exciting game. We have provided a link so you can download the Zombie Ground .io game for both Android and iOS.