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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 08/07/2019

Zombie is always an endless theme for game makers to create many quality and popular games. One of them is Zombie Tsunami, Plants vs Zombie … One thing in common with these games is the bloody zombie, harmful and very cruel. But today, I would like to introduce to you a game also about Zombie but will give you a whole new look at the world of Zombie. This game is called Zombie Castaways. You will see a colourful game with new things about zombies, that is love and the farm. Although the game has been released for some time, it still has some draws for players with over 70 million players worldwide. Learn about this game!

zombie castaways 1

In Zombie Castaways for Android, you will be transformed into a tirelessly working Zombie guy, all he thinks is just how to grow his farm. Then one day, he met a beautiful girl. He quickly fell into the trap and wished to become a human.

zombie castaways 2

Zombie Castaways for iOS brings you a very interesting quest. You are going to be a nice and kind Zombie; you have the task of exploring the island and building up big cities. You will have to do a lot of work at the same time, such as cutting wood, smashing rocks, fishing, finding treasures, cooking and harvesting fruits on your farm. You can explore many other islands on the map to find the hidden treasure here.

zombie castaways 5

Also, you will be exploring the island of your ancestors and have the opportunity to become human. Then you can return to being a human being and return to the city, finding the love of your life.

Zombie Castaways APK Mod Unlimited Money

Zombie Castaways APK Mod gives you a huge, bright, peaceful zombie world with lovely characters. It’s not like any movie or game you’ve ever played. This is also the point that makes the game attractive to the player.

zombie castaways 3

You will discover many beautiful islands, doing a lot of different tasks such as collecting gold, weapons, treasure and many other things. You will also be building yourself the largest buildings in the world. You will make your city shimmering and vibrant.

zombie castaways 4

Zombie Castaways is a great game. Graphics in the game are very beautiful, cute and lovely. If you’ve ever played games like Hayday, you’ll soon love the Zombie Castaways. 70 million downloads are guaranteed for the game’s appeal. Download the game to experience. Have fun playing the game!