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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 131 MB
  • Date Updated: 03/05/2018

Do you love zombie games? Z-Empire: Dead Strike will be the perfect choice for you, the game is released by the producer Ahead Game. The world has emerged a dangerous virus; people are infected by the disease caused by this virus, they will die and turn into the zombies. The speed of spread of this disease is extremely fast, the zombies have quickly destroyed the cities around the world. Human face the brink of extinction. The players will be a survivor and lead a character in the game against bloodthirsty zombies. With unique and engaging gameplay, the game promises to bring players the most enjoyable and unique experience. Are you ready to become a hero to save people? Let’s get to know more about Z-Empire: Dead Strike for Android.

z empire dead strike 1

The gameplay

Z-Empire: Dead Strike for iOS is an FPS action shooter game. You will be a good leader and make the best decisions to help others overcome this difficult time. Initially, you own a relatively small land. You build houses on this land so that others can live. Additionally, you have to build solid walls and produce weapons to fight the zombie.

z empire dead strike 2

Many different areas contain survivors. They are the dangers to you; the survivors are not friendly. They want to steal your resources to survive. Therefore, you have to carry out the invasion and rob their resources, before they do the same thing to you. Winning battles allows players to gather more supplies to build their country easily.

z empire dead strike 3

Z Empire: Dead Strike Android Gameplay

Your country needs a mighty army; you train the people to become good killers. The game has many different types of soldiers, so players have a lot of different tactics. Moreover, you need to have other heroes, these heroes have special skills and make you easier to win. You can collect these heroes when completing the missions of the game.

z empire dead strike 4

Impressive graphic design and realistic sound

Z-Empire: Dead Strike Mod Diamonds owns stunning 3D graphics design. The game and character in the game are designed in a very detailed and crisply. The zombies and surroundings are very real and clear. The sound of various weapons and characters in the battle is described very vividly.

z empire dead strike 5


Z-Empire: Dead Strike APK Mod is an exciting empire, zombie and FPS game. You will not be able to skip this game because of its unique gameplay and varied features. The game will bring players the unique and enjoyable experience. You can download the game via the link at the bottom of the article.