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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 17/07/2018

Games that talk about World War 2 always attract a lot of attention from players. This war caused so much damage to humanity when hundreds of millions of people were killed, and many were destroyed. We can imagine the worse scenario for this war, the world of Zombie appearances and people have to struggle to fight them and restore civilization after a fierce battle around the globe. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes comes from KingsGroup Holdings developer will be a game to meet the expectations come from players. With highly strategic gameplay and a diverse array of features, players can show themselves as good leaders to help their country escape the apocalypse!

z day hearts of heroes 1

Disaster after the devastating war

At the end of World War II, Allied forces dominated all European and Asian battles. The German Empire has completed a new chemical weapon called supersoldiers. They hope that, with this new weapon, they will have the most talented warriors and warriors to help their country win. When the allies advanced very close to the capital of Germany, they inadvertently destroyed the containers of this dangerous poison. The poison spreads rapidly in the air, and it kills an infected organism.

z day hearts of heroes 2

This type of poison is capable of producing extremely strong mutations, and normal human beings can die when breathing in the atmosphere containing this poison. Things do not stop there, those who died of this poison gas turned into zombie bloodthirsty. They attack all other living beings to infect poisons and transform them. Gradually, all nations have failed to fight the dangerous Zombie army. You will become a talented leader, showing your strategic ability to save your country from this dangerous situation. Can you do it?

z day hearts of heroes 3

Fight off zombies

When you join Z Day: Hearts of Heroes for Android, you will become a leader. You will use the resources the game provides to build new buildings and develop your country. However, Zombies can threaten your country at any time. You will have to build other defensive structures to keep your country safe. With the mining of resources, you will continue to use the resources you have to build a mighty army. You can use your army to repel Zombie and expand the area for your country.

z day hearts of heroes 4

Also, the military will also help you attack the country of other players and collect spoils. With the resources you collect after winning other players, you can use them to upgrade your army and make more modern weapons. The game also has many other features that are waiting for the player to experience and explore.

Z-Day: Hearts of Heroes Android Gameplay


Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Mod Money has a pretty sharp 3D graphics system in modern style. The attraction of this game comes from the most modern human weapons available today. The effects of the various weapons are described in detail and live. The sound of the game also combines well with the graphics system to bring the most intense battle for the player.

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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is a highly developed game empire with a variety of feature systems. Also, the plot of this game is also a strong point when it brings players many challenges for the player. Players will find the most enjoyable experience when participating in this game. If you are interested in the game, then you can experience it with our link.