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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 14/02/2018

Download Z Champions brings you to the harsh and difficult training to become the most powerful person on earth. A lot of players loves the game because of Dragon Tournament. This is a mode that allows you to directly fight with other characters, like in the famous animated film Dragon Ball Z Manga/Anime.

Relive the childhood

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In the first battle, your opponent is weak and quickly defeated. But do not hurry, in the next levels, your opponents will soon increase the power and intelligence. AI is programmed with high intelligence and can use skills wisely. If you do not focus on the game, you will soon be defeated by the AI. You need to take advantage of the opponent’s loopholes to win the chance.

Diverse characters system

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Z Champions Mod Money has a very diverse character system with a variety of powers and skills. You will also face a lot of opponents and different attack tactics. Specifically, you have 37 opponents to beat, and you need to think, calculate carefully how to deal with them. You need to choose the character that best matches gameplay and practice a lot to accustom with the character.

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If you want to play all the characters, the only way is to go through many matches to unlock. Z Champions for Android brings you countless hardships and adventures in 12 different worlds. In this arduous adventure, you will encounter many strange and inexplicable phenomena. To overcome the challenges as Songoku, you need to change to up KI to new levels. As a result, your basic stats will increase as much as power, skill, speed … This will give you more opportunities in defeating enemies.

Two game modes for you to choose and change

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If you have a lot of difficulties in defeating opponents and you do not know how to win, you need to practice a lot to improve your skills. Practice is a mode that allows you to raise your skill points easily. Once you accustom with the skills in this mode, the next thing to do is knock down your opponent in SINGLEPLAYER mode. This is the best place to test your ability.

Z Champions Apk Mod Money for Android/iOS

After hard days, hard training, sometimes you get bored. So the game has an entertaining mode that you should try. Z Champions for iOS has a very diverse system of minigames. You can play it during your break time after each hard workout. To prove your level, you can try out seven battles in SURVIVAL mode. This is a mode where you have to fight constantly with a lot of different opponents. You need to defeat all and win.

General comment

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Have you ever forgot to eat, sleep because of the Manga/Anime Dragon Ball series. If you are a fan of this series, I am sure Z Champion Apk Mod is a great choice for you at the beginning of 2018. Although the game has a simple graphics system, you will quickly love the game thank to the character system is invested very carefully. The game is very popular. So, just in the short time launching, the game has quickly reached 1 million downloads. You can now download free games on the Google Play app. Wish you have a nice day.