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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 85 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

Recently, developer NEXON Company has officially released the game Yulgang M for mobile devices. Yulgang M is a role-playing and action game; it is quite similar to the gameplay of the games like Black Desert Mobile and TERA M. These are popular mobile games to the community Gamers. Let’s learn about the game Yulgang M APK.


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Yulgang M for Android is an action and role-playing game developed by Studio Active, a game based on the popular comic book Yulgang M in Korea and officially registered. Yulgang M has the characteristics of Korean history and culture. The characters are divided into 4 different classes such as Noho, Dam Hwa Rin, Han Bi Kwang and Me Yujin. Starting the game, you will play as a character in the four classes above. You control your character, do tasks according to the story of the game. When completing the missions, you will receive items to unlock many features of Yulgang M.

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In each mission, your character will destroy all enemies and other monsters. Yulgang M Mod Money is shown on the screen horizontally, the way the characters use the skill and action is very simple. The game has an automatic attacking support system that allows you to work and play at the same time.

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Many players will not use this feature because it loses their joy. Yulgang M for iOS has PvP mode; you will fight with other players to find out who is the best. The character and weapons system in Yulgang M is very diverse; players cannot be bored because of the number of weapons and equipment of the game.

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Download Yulgang M APK Mod Money

Download Yulgang M has a keyboard optimization feature, which will make it easier for players to control the character. As the beginners, they will also be more comfortable with the controls of Yulgang M. There is a very detailed tutorial system for new players to familiarize themselves with the features of the game, but it will take a while for them to adapt and master the game.

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Graphics and sound

Yulgang M owns a beautiful 3D design; the game is shown on the horizontal screen that is quite familiar to many the action role-playing games. The game is very crisp and gorgeous.

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The effects and skills of the characters are quite eye-catching. The sound in the game is lively, background music sound is very mellow and has ancient style. Yulgang M’s images and sound will satisfy the most demand of players.

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Yulgang M is an action RPG that you can hardly ignore. With a well-known story and impressive visual and sound design that give players the most exciting and unique experience. The basic support feature for beginners will help you accustom the game easier. Yulgang M is in the process of testing, let report about the bugs in the game to the developer so that they can improve Yulgang M in the shortest time.