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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 51 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

There are a lot of games in the context of the two world wars, these games have described very well the damage to people and the two catastrophic wars. Today, we introduce you to a game called World War VII, the game released by ORIFLAMME. The game is about the 7th World War, with unique and interesting gameplay. Let’s find out about World War VII.


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The context of World War VII for Android occurred in the 22nd century; the war lasted for many years. Causing massive damage to the whole world, famine and looting everywhere, many nations are in crisis and collapse. When you join the game you will become a great leader; your task is to control the soldiers and carry out big campaigns to defeat the imperialist countries and end the war.

How to play

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At the start of World War VII for iOS, you will be a leader, your army commander and fight on various battlefields. Each battlefield is a difficult level; your task is to control the soldiers and modern warfare equipment, to defeat the enemy and win the game. In higher difficulty levels, players need to show their leadership skills on the battlefield; players must choose different units to match their tactical style and the situation of the match.

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Enemies will be much stronger and harder at higher levels; players must skillfully control their troops and implement tactics, to achieve the best effect and win the fastest. After each battle, players will receive rewards such as money and precious items. You use the money and these items to upgrade your army and equip more modern weapons, to increase the strength of the army.

World War VII APK Mod Money for Android

The system of soldiers and equipment in World War VII for iOS is very diverse; there are many different armies for you to choose from such as tanks, infantry, even the super robots … Equipment system For the military like guns, cannons, rockets, laser guns … You need to upgrade this equipment to wipe out enemy troops and win easier at high difficulty levels. The game’s control system is simple and well optimized, so players will not have much time to get used to World War VII APK Mod.

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Graphics and sound

World War VII Mod Money is designed with 2D graphics, soldiers and robots are described in cartoon style, explosive effects in the game is quite eye-catching display. Producers have intentionally created animated graphics so that players can feel happy playing World War VII. The sound of the game shows the fierce nature of the war through the sounds of explosions and various weapons.


World War VII is a tactical and action game, with simple and accessible gameplay, a variety of weapon systems and equipment, the plot of World War VII is quite engaging, the game has many other difficulty levels. Each other to pass the player, the system of graphic design fun cartoon style. World War VII will bring players a fun and exciting experience. If you like World War VII then you can download the game using the link below the article.