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Are you a fan of myths? Do you want to live in a story of your own? If so, we will introduce you to a game called World of Demons, developed by PlatinumGames and released April 19, 2018. This is a card game, promises to become a super game in the last days of April this year. PlatinumGames is a name for a popular game maker in the gaming market. They have had a lot of previous successes such as Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, etc. In the developer’s announcement, You will experience free games on your mobile device.

World of Demons 2


In the World of Demons for iOS, the context of the game was built in medieval Japan, when in the human world appeared demons called Oni. They are evil demonic spirits, demonic or demonic cannibals, large creatures, fierce faces, horns. Their bodies are red, blue or black. They always carry a large barbed wire, iron. Oni has an evil face with two long horns, protruding eyes, and a wicked smile revealing sharp fangs and loose hair. Their bodies are red, blue or black, often wearing a tiger skin and holding an iron chute. They are silent, cruel and malicious. They have the role of guarding the gates of hell according to the Buddhist concept.

World of Demons 3

Oni has an impact on the Yokai monsters, causing Yokai also to start attacking humans. Yokai includes monsters, goblins and vampires. They always appear in the morning or at night. In the beginning, youkai were only demonic creatures that carried a weird, eccentric, and mischievous nature that could be understood in one direction. To fight Oni and Yokai, the powerful and brave Samurai have gathered together to form an army to fight.

Game description

You will build your army by collecting hero cards; you can also use the monsters that you have defeated to fight with you. When you play, you will be playing a Samurai named Onimaru, whose parents were killed by Oni when he was a kid. Oni took him home and raised him for their sale. When Onimaru grew up and possessed great power, he decided to start a war against Oni to avenge his family and the innocent people who had been massacred.

World of Demons 1

During the battle to defeat Oni, Onimaru meets a girl named Sayo, who is a woman who protects her family’s ancestral temple. After Oni kidnapped her mother, she set out to find her mother, to save her mother, she decided to follow Onimaru. On the journey, Onimaru and Sayo will have many challenges awaiting.

How to play

When playing World of Demons for Android, you will control the movement and use weapons to fight, call the Yokai became your minions to support you in the fight. You can upgrade your character’s skills, weapons, create new weapons, learn new skills, and train your Yokai to become stronger. Each Yokai will have a variety of abilities strong individual. Therefore, you must use them reasonably to help you increase your fighting power. Each time you defeat an Oni, you will receive a reward. Be active with other players, as there will be times when you need their help.

Download World of Demons APK for Android/iOS – Trailer

In the Yokai Showdown arena mode, choose the strongest Yokai you have to compete against other players. To defeat the most powerful monsters in the Samurai Stronghold, you need to invite more players to fight with you.

Graphics – Sound

World of Demons APK is built by 3D graphics but possesses a special perspective; you will feel as if the characters are created from the famous Japanese folding art. Monsters and heroes are varied and unique in the game, according to the game’s developers, with 80 different monsters. The sound of live games gives you a sense of mystery as in the old Japanese dramas.

world of demons


The game is designed to be suitable for all ages and genders so that it can be downloaded and installed on your device, please visit the link below provided by us.