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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 45 MB
  • Date Updated: 08/11/2018

There are a lot of exciting role-playing games nowadays, one of the favorite games of the role-playing genre is Wizard’s Wheel 2. This is a very interesting game, and you should not miss, you will experience unique stories and epic battles. The game was released by Iron Horse Games LLC maker, which is a new producer and what will they bring us?

wizard s wheel 2 1

Role-playing game

You will experience the game with heroes and many dangerous monsters in the game. You need to collect powerful heroes to destroy the monsters and prevent them from destroying the human world. You will fight with various enemies to upgrade your character, collect many impressive characters and build up a powerful army. Search for the mysterious treasure of the game by completing the quests that the game requires. You can experience the offline game in a simple and fun way.

wizard s wheel 2 2


In Wizard’s Wheel 2 for iOS you will experience the game with a simple, easy-to-use virtual key system. Touch the screen of the device to select the target and move your character. The game has a lot of different levels and dungeons for you to experience and the difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level. The game is designed with over 50 different heroes for you to collect, you can collect the legends in this game. Collect various heroes after completing the quests that the game requires.

wizard s wheel 2 3

Dungeon pixel in the game is built with over 100 different monsters to challenge you and the people. You will get many different missions when exploring dungeons in the game. Try to complete the tasks that the game requires to get a lot of bonuses and worthy gifts. At the end of each pixel dungeon, there will be a very dangerous and powerful BOSS, ensuring your heroes will survive when confronted with them. Powering up characters and equipping powerful items is a way to help you complete missions in dungeon pixel.

wizard s wheel 2 4


The game has simple and beautiful 2D graphics. The character and layout of the game are designed in a unique pixel style. You will have the classic experience when playing the game. The layout is easy to understand and user-friendly. The pixel image of the game will get you excited, and you will be addicted to this game.

Wizard’s Wheel 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You are ready to explore epic stories

Wizard’s Wheel 2 is a nice and newly released RPG game recently. Explore the exciting adventure stories of the game, find and fight in new lands. You can experience the game anywhere, enjoy online games or simply offline. Download and install simple games using the share link at the bottom of the article.