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  • Date Updated: 22/08/2018

Adventure sports are a very good topic for manufacturers to exploit. Sure, people have played games like adventure racing, surfing, skateboarding … Each game will bring new experiences to the players and make them feel excited. Today, we will bring you a whole new adventure game called Wingsuit Flying. This game simulates the Wingsuit adventure game, where you experience the sport in the most realistic way possible. TerranDroid developer has brought everyone a great product. Did you feel hot? We will learn about this game right now.

wingsuit flying 2

Extreme sports

When it comes to Wingsuit, we are going to think of a high-risk adventure. Players will be dropped from a plane to the ground; they will use the Wingsuit tool to become the real bird. Wingsuit allows the user to fly in the air like an eagle; you can watch the ground and make the journey at a very high speed. In Wingsuit Flying for iOS, players will experience this sport just like in real life, they will be dropped from a plane and started their journey. The game will provide players with a very large map with a variety of complex terrain. You will have to manipulate your character wisely to reach the designated location on the map of the game.

wingsuit flying 3

This sport requires players to have good skills; you will need to control your character in the most skillful way to overcome the opponent and win. The control of the game is also very simple; you will use the virtual key is displayed at the bottom of the screen to control the direction of movement for his character. Also, you can change the costumes for your character to get a new experience. The game offers players a wide variety of Wingsuit to choose from, and each Wingsuit has a unique design that will delight the player.

wingsuit flying 4

Realistic graphic design

Wingsuit Flying APK Mod is designed on a very sharp 3D graphics platform. Players will be overwhelmed by the high-quality images that this game brings. The details of the image are displayed on the screen of the device. The surroundings are simulated like realities to give the player the most authentic experience. The sound of the game is well designed to enhance the player’s real experience.

wingsuit flying 5


If you want to experience the Wingsuit sports, Wingsuit Flying will be a perfect choice for you. The game promises to give the player the most authentic experience with exciting journeys. You can join this game more simply through our link.