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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 72 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/11/2018

Wings of Steel is a very attractive air raid game released by Illusion Magic Studio developer. The game will please those who love history and aerial combat. The game simulates the incredible aerial battles that are based on the context of World War II. Experience the game to get a lot of crazy and lively feeling of history.

wings of steel 1

New historical game

Wings of Steel for iOS based on the context of World War II, a period of strong development of the aircraft. All of these countries have unique aircraft with special features and skills. The technology in the game is prepared with many countries featuring prominent air forces during World War II. You will experience the feeling of real aerial combat, and you will feel excited. The aircraft in the game is designed vivid and beautiful.

wings of steel 2

Can you become an excellent pilot?

You will experience this intriguing aerial game using the game’s virtual key system. Touch the screen of the device to accelerate the aircraft and use weapons such as guns and rockets. Tilt your device left or right to redirect and move the plane to the target location. You will experience the game with hundreds of different types of planes, to collect the planes in the game you need to accumulate more bonuses and unlock them. The best way to accumulate extra bonuses is to complete quests in the game. Use bonuses to upgrade and buy new aircraft to your liking; new aircraft will be able to fight better. You will be free to collect all types of aircraft in the game on both groups as Axis and Allies.

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There will be three different modes for you to experience: Campaigns, Survival and Free Flight. You will perform the game’s tasks in Campaigns mode with three sections: Traning, Pacific – Allies and Pacific – Axis. Complete the missions in Campaigns to earn more bonuses and the chance to unlock the most prominent aircraft in the game. Survival mode will take you to the most lucrative survivability missions; you will have to stand alone against many different enemies. The task in this mode is very difficult; you will have to destroy the number of enemies that the game requires and must survive in the end. The last mode is Free Flight; you will be free to fly without any danger. This is a mode for you to test new unlocked aircraft and gain new experiences.

Wings of Steel for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Pictures are beautiful and lively

Wings of Steel APK Mod has beautiful 3D graphics and sophisticated. The graphics of the game will give you the most vivid experience. Smooth motion and sound of the aircraft engine is the most impressive thing when you experience this game. The layout of the game is quite simple but still provides enough information for the user as you have completed how many percents of the tasks, specifications of the aircraft, etc. Space in the game is designed very real with tasks taking place during the day or night. The mission takes place in plain, hilly or out to sea.

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Fun fighting games you should not miss

You love the history and fierce wars of World War II, Wings of Steel is a worthwhile experience for you to live within the history of World War II. The game is designed to be impressive and varied; the game experience will help you become a real soldier. What are you waiting for? Quick download and install this great game on your device. Use the share link at the bottom of the article to install the game more easily.