• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 28.7 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/03/2018

The Voodoo publisher makes players delighted because they have released the new game Will It Crush?. If you regularly follow our articles, you surely know the publisher Voodoo with lots of interesting games like Baseball Boy !, Snake VS Block, … That publisher continues to have a product that makes people around the world extremely excited.

Will it Crush? APK MOD Unlocked


Download Will it Crush? is being distributed on both Android and iOS operating systems with a capacity of 28.7 MB and can operate smoothly on almost every available device in the market. Soon after the launching, the game has quickly attracted attention from many players with its simple and addictive gameplay. In the article below we will review this fascinating game.

Crushed everything

Your mission is to crush all the falling blocks, and you will get a lot of money. Of course, you are provided with an extremely powerful 2-axis crusher machine. The white stones are continually falling from above, and you have to use the crusher efficiently to crush the rocks and turn them into yellow to get more score. The hard part is that the white rocks will continue to fall and become faster and you will not be able to crush them. At each level, the game will ask you to perform the task for a particular time; if you can not crush enough the stones at the specified time, the game will end.


Simple control system

The crusher has a very complex engine, but with Will it Crush?. You just touch the screen to control it. If you keep the screen constantly, the crusher will continuously operate and crush all the stones. However, if the crusher is run for too long, it will be blocked and can not operate. You should let the crusher take a rest if there are too many stones falling continuously from the top down.

Besides, Will it Crush? for Android allows players to experience anytime, anywhere without the internet connection. So you can turn off the 4F connection, Wifi … to be able to remove the annoying ads. You can also remove ads by upgrading games to the higher version for $ 2.99. In this upgraded version, you will completely remove the ads and can experience the game best.


Will it Crush? APK – a simple game of Voodoo

Simple graphics

The pictures of the crushers, stones are very simple and not too colourful. However, with unique and attractive gameplay, Will it Crush? for iOS will surely become an intensive strong in the future. If you are interested in this game, let download it via the link below. Currently, the game is being supported both Android and iOS, so you can be sure to enjoy this game. Have fun playing the game!