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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 54 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/07/2019

Will Hero APK Download is an exciting adventure game that brings you exciting moments. Produced by the well-known publisher of ZPLAY Games. Updated March 10, 2018, and received a lot of positive reviews. Currently, Will Hero is available in two popular stores, Google Play and the App Store. This is a classic game; you will experience a happy childhood back. If you are curious about this game, read more in the article below.

Will Hero – a classic but fascinating game

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Download Will Hero has four different modes of play: arcade, platformer, action and rogue. You will experience adventures in the air world. You will be a hero, with the mission is to participate in the battle to rescue the princess.

Journey to save the princess

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Join the game, at the first level you will not have a weapon, try to pass because at the second level you will get the weapon. The weapons you will receive are very diverse like bombs, rocks or swords, so you are easy to adventure. At the end of a level of play, you will receive some bonuses, use bonuses to buy more equipment such as Swords or Guns … Also, you will also receive magic.

There are many characters in Will Hero

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The game possesses an extremely diverse system with very nice shapes such as Knights, princes, Vikings, warriors or cute pets such as cats, Unicorn, Panda, Raccoon, dog, chicken … and There are also powerful animals like dragons.

Will Hero has a simple way of playing

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To pass all levels, you just need to move, jump and use the special keys to launch the trick to destroy the monsters. Overall, this is a game that suits everyone.

Will Hero APK v1.0.0 Mod Money for Android


Will Hero Mod Money is a beautiful 2D graphics game, with classic designs very similar to the previous legendary games. Pictures of cute characters in the game are shown in real and clear. Besides that, the sound system is very lively, giving you the moments of relaxation.


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Will Hero APK Mod is an adventure game that gives players a fun and relevant experience for all ages. Games always have regular updates to be more complete. Will Here is a game that supports Android and iOS devices. For easy installation, please click on the link below.