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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 97 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/05/2018

If you love adventure games then surely do not miss WhamBam Warriors. The game is the immersive genre with a lot of interesting features. In the past, many games of this genre have been successful in the mobile gaming market. Special mention is Saiyan Legends, Eternium, and Wings of Glory. However, WhamBam Warriors have a much simpler and fun way of playing. So let’s find out about this game.

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Currently, WhamBam Warriors APK Mod has not yet been officially released. The current version of Google Play is only a trial version, and you may experience a few minor bugs during gameplay. You can also wait for the official version of this game to be released shortly. Hopefully, the official version will work smoother on every device and support the iOS operating system so that players around the world can experience.

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Attractive adventure

Come to WhamBam Warriors for Android; your task is to discover the mysterious crypts and caves that were buried millions of years ago in the world. Of course, in the tombs and caves, there will be a lot of monsters and dangers, you will have to use your intelligence and warriors to fight the monsters to complete the task. The game is divided into different levels for you to experience; each level will be a mysterious crypt with a lot of monsters need you to explore.

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At the first level, the monsters will appear very little, and you can easily pass. However, the degree of difficulty will be increased gradually by level. At high levels, monsters will appear. Many of your warriors may not be able to destroy them.

WhamBam Warriors By Linekong – Android iOS Gameplay

However, after each order, you will be open a lot of gifts and bonuses. If you are lucky, you will be able to open up a lot of warriors and help you fight. You can also use the bonus amount to upgrade your warriors to make them stronger.

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In addition, WhamBam Warriors for iOS also allow players around the world to experience PvP is extremely attractive. You and other players around the world will participate in extremely fierce battles. Take control and give a proper tactical move to defeat all of the opponent’s warriors. However, the warriors of the opponent extremely powerful and you will have to be careful if you do not want to lose.

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Cute graphic design

Although there is not a nice 3D graphics design and excellent, the game has a simple and extremely cute graphic design. Character images and monsters are all nicely designed and fun. It can be said, with such graphic design, the game completely deserves to become an attractive entertainment game.

We provide the link below so you can download the beta version of this game. Quickly download games and participate in exciting adventures. Have fun playing the game!