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If you love games that simulate the human race, then surely not be able to overlook the game Westworld extremely attractive. Come to the world of the future and build yourself a classic town in your style. The game is produced by the infamous publisher Warner Bros. International Enterprises with lots of attractive games on mobile. In particular, there are games such as MORTAL KOMBAT X, DC Legends: Battle for Justice, The LEGO Batman Movie Game … and many other games. These are blockbuster games and are highly rated by many players.

Westworld APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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So, sure Westworld game will create a fever in the coming time. Currently, the game has not officially been released. If you want to register to become the first person in the world to own this game, please visit the link at the bottom of the article. Please join us for a detailed review of this new game.


Join the game; you will become a Westworld trainee and build up small towns. Westworld for Android is the place to train many practitioners to help them create a world with the perfect living environment. You will be trained and learning how to control a server and grow to a town that is artificial intelligence.

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New gameplay

Westworld Mod Money students will have access to modern organizational functions. You can build a town, create new people to bring to town and develop your style town. The labs and servers will be located underground near where you create new towns. Run and create people with different personalities and images to make the town more crowded and growing. Also, you will also be creating new labs to perform new tests. Each room will be decorated and equipped with different equipment to serve the study of the students.

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Not only that, after the town grows up will be many people from other places to visit and live. This is also a chance to help the city become rich and famous. Create products and services that help your guests stay satisfied and want to stay in town. Of course, life in the towns also has a lot of things that you need to keep in mind.

WestWorld APK – Games by TV series famous

You will always have to focus on solving conflicts … between people in the town. This is not an easy thing. However, you will have a lot of help from Westworld and show yourself as a good leader.


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Westworld for iOS has a 2D design just enough to allow players to have fun experiences. Although not a beautiful design but the design of the game depicts very true images such as character, house, laboratory. This is a game with unique gameplay, which very few games of the same genre do. If you are interested in the above review, you can visit the link below to subscribe and become the first person in the world to experience this extremely attractive game.