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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 90 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/08/2018

Cowboys are always one of the great ideas for filmmakers to exploit. There are so many people who want to be a true cowboy; they will beat the bad guys to protect the people. We will bring a game called West Hunter released by Gameover. This game will take players to the desert in the west of the United States; you will have the opportunity to become a real cowboy in this game. You will use your shooting skills to destroy the evil forces and protect the peace.

west hunter 1

Western America and criminals

When you join the game, you will be in the western United States. Here, you will become a true cowboy; your goal is to perform the difficult tasks that the game offers to become a good cowboy. The game will give you a lot of different tasks for the player to perform; you will have to complete the tasks that the game offers to become stronger. You will face the bandits and terrorists in the quests that the game offers. To become a real cowboy, you will have to train your gun skills to be able to knock down enemies quickly. The game’s control system is very well optimized, giving players the ultimate gaming experience. Virtual keys are arranged scientifically so that players can easily control their characters. Also, the game’s control system will help players not feel uncomfortable playing continuously for a long time.

west hunter 2

Weapon system

The game has a very diverse weapon system, and you will use the bonus you receive to unlock new weapons in the game’s store. There are many different weapons such as pistols, hunting guns, short guns … Each gun will have a distinct advantage that the player needs to understand. Use your best weapon to achieve the best results. Also, the game has many other features are waiting for players to explore.

West Hunter (by Gameover) for Android/iOS – Gameplay


West Hunter for iOS offers players a nice 3D graphics design. The visual quality of this game is not appreciated by players; you will feel it when you start participating in this game. With unobtrusive graphics, you will not have to own a powerful device to experience the game smoothly. The sound of the game is well designed to make the battle more alive.

west hunter 3

Download West Hunter

This game will help players realize their dreams. You will be a real cowboy and destroy the evil forces, prove that you are the best cowboy in this game. Use your shooting skills to defeat all enemies and bring peace to everyone. Can you do it?