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  • Platforms: iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 182 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/06/2018

Waves! is a completely new and unique entertainment game released by the famous developer Voodoo. This is a whole new entertainment game and has attracted a lot of attention from players around the world. The player will be controlling a small boat in this game, you will control your boat to make the journey through the various difficult terrain in the game.

waves 2


Waves! APK Download is a simple recreation game. Thus, the game has very simple gameplay, players will control their boat to make the journey to conquer nature harsh. Use your finger to launch the boat and start the game; your boat will automatically move and overcome the big waves in the game. When you pass the waves, your boat will fly into the air. You can perform touch actions on the device’s screen right now to control the boat using the Nitro Boost feature.

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This feature allows players to spend some energy on their boat so that they can perform beautiful BackFlip phases in the air. You will receive more bonuses when performing this skill multiple times in one turn. You need to pay attention because the fuel capacity of the boat is limited when your boat has exhausted fuel, the game will end. Also, if you make the boat overturned when it collides with the water, the game will end more quickly. Therefore, players will need to control the balance of the boat accurately to be able to move further.

Waves! by Voodoo for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The game will not give the player new boats. However, you can use your bonus in the previous rounds to upgrade the power of your boat and the ability to make money. The game has four different upgrade options for players to choose from such as Speed Boat, Fuel Tank Capacity, Flip Coins and Offline Earning. When players make these upgrades their boat will be able to move much further and they will earn more for each turn.

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Familiar graphics

Waves! for iOS owning a simple 3D style graphic design is very familiar. The Voodoo manufacturer was not too invested in the visual design of this game. The boat and surrounding scenery are very clear and detailed. The motion effects of the boat are simulated according to the same physical laws as in real life. The sound of the boat when it collides with the water is described as very lively and fun.


Waves! is an entertainment game suitable for those who want to relieve stress after hours of hard work. They can participate in this game and get a lot of fun and comfort. If you are interested in the game then you can download the game using our link.