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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 11/06/2018

Warriors of Waterdeep is a turn-based strategy and turn-based strategy game by Ludia. Players will be joined in a mysterious world, Waterdeep city is under attack by the dark forces dangerous. A leader named Laeral Silverhand summons the best heroes to save the city from the invaders. You will become a leader, command your heroes to defeat the enemy and bring peace to the world. With turn-based-of-the-game gameplay and feature-rich systems, the game promises to deliver the most enjoyable and unique experience for the player. Currently, the game has not been released officially. Please join us to learn about the game and the simplest way to experience this game.

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Tense battles

In the game, the player will become a leader. Players will be selected heroes for themselves in the character system of the game. Initially, the player can choose for himself two different heroes to form a team. Each hero possesses unique skills and special positions in the formation. You will use your squad to perform the tasks given by the game.

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Warriors of Waterdeep Mod Money has a huge mission system to challenge players. You will have to overcome many different dangers to rescue the city of Waterdeep such as giants, undead, hobgoblins … These enemies are very powerful; players need to arrange their squad according to A certain tactic to defeat these monsters.

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You can summon new heroes

Upon completion of the mission, players will receive bonuses, items and new hero cards. You can use bonuses and items to upgrade your heroes. The game will have a lot of different upgrade options such as weapons, skills … Your team will become much stronger to complete the difficult tasks in the game. New hero cards will help you summon other heroes in the game. You will get better tactics when you own different heroes. The game has many other features that are waiting for players to explore and experience.

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Warriors of Waterdeep for Android – Gameplay


Warriors of Waterdeep APK Download is designed with 2D animation style graphics. The graphic design of the game is not so eye-opening because of the highly tactical nature of the game. However, the skill and action effects of the characters are displayed in great detail. Players will experience colourful magic battles in the game. The sound of the monsters and characters is described as very lively.

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Warriors of Waterdeep will be a new choice for people who love turn-based action and strategy games. The game has not been released officially; you can give feedback to the developer so that the game can be finalized in the official version. You can use our link to experience this game most easily.