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  • Date Updated: 16/04/2018

Have you always dreamed of becoming a hero protecting the earth? You want the supernatural power to defeat all the wicked? So come to the Warriors of Light. Coming to the world of the game, you will become a hero with superior strength. You have a mission to protect justice against the cruelty of alien creatures. The game is released by EMA GAMES; the game promises to bring you a lot of new experiences. Let’s explore the gameplay as well as the interesting story in the game through the article below!

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Bring peace to the world

Warriors of Light brings you to the chaotic world of Bringer. This place was invaded by the evil army with the purpose of destroying all life. Almost everywhere in the world has been destroyed and only one place is the last fortress – the City of Radiant. All peace-loving people gather here to repel the attack. Join the battle and write a new myth for future generations. You and other races will fight together, build a union of light and bring peace to the world. Do you have confidence in your mission?

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Build up a mighty army

Warriors of Light APK is an RPG. You have the task of building a team of your own. You can choose a lot of heroes to fight together. Each hero in the game has different strengths and skills for you to choose. Choose the best heroes to combine to get the best possible team. The game also brings you a lot of new and unique equipment. You can choose from a wide variety of equipment with different strengths for your hero.

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Play with friends

Warriors of Light for iOS allows you to play with your friends and relatives over an internet connection. You can join the other players around the world to conquer difficult challenges in the game, destroy the boss, protect the castle, etc.

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Warriors of Light Gameplay Android / iOS

After each mission, you get a lot of bonuses and items. Unique products help to strengthen the team. In addition to PvE mode, you can also fight, challenge other players in real-time battles. In addition, the character in the game also allows you to easily customize the dress, giving you more new experience and much more attractive.

Rating mode

You can play against all other players and prove your talent. The ranking is the place to show your skills compared to the rest. Try to win a lot to get a high score and top the best people in the world.

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Warriors of Light APK Download is a new game released early this year but has received many positive reviews from players. Currently, the game has received hundreds of thousands of downloads only after a short time launch. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!