War in Pocket is a game that brings you fierce battles among the nations of the world. The game allows you to build and develop your base, set up the army and join the world battlefield to defeat other players. Create tactics and use special abilities to battle opponents. The game is getting a lot of support from the gaming community. War in Pocket is launched on April 15, 2018, and now is sold on the google play store. If you are interested in this game, read our article below.

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Joining the game

Players choose their own land, where you will set up your base and develop the military because it will help you defend your base or invade the base of other players. Win and bring valuable items. The game allows players to ally themselves to help each other and create exciting battles. They can make friends, talk and collaborate with Alliance members and become the best rulers.

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War in Pocket Gameplay Android/iOS

Establish an army and bring your soldiers into battle. Use powerful weapons and special skills, along with attacking tactics to win every battle. The players control the soldiers by giving orders and upgrading their troops in the attacks. Join the game and make your kingdom become the best place that everyone wants to cooperate.

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Main features of the game

– Upgrade bases, chieftains and troops to enhance your base
– Set up a solid defence system so that enemies can not attack your kingdom
– Upgrade and customise the army in every battle
– Against the competition – the other players in the world
– Collect resources after each battle
– Link with friends and create a dominant power
– Attack and bring many victories to become a great king

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Graphics and sound

War in Pocket for iOS owns a great graphic design, every picture in the game is described beautifully and in detail. War games are always invested in visual effects much. Besides, the sound system is indispensable, the sound is exciting, making players feel like they are engaged in a real battle.

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Overall, War in Pocket for Android is an excellent game of construction and warfare. This game is getting a lot of installs from players around the world. With the attractive gameplay and the beautiful battle images, War in Pocket will certainly satisfy you. Currently, The game is supported on Android operating systems. For easy installation, please click on the link below.