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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • File size: 40 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/08/2018

In the war, there are many modern weapons; they are widely used to destroy the enemy quickly. In modern man-made weapons, cannons are always a powerful weapon. The cannons can destroy a large area on the map and kill the enemy easily. If you are a fan of this modern weapon, you will not be able to ignore Wall Blast released by Ketchapp. This game will give players the most fun experience of the cannon; you will destroy many enemies to show your ability.

wall blast 3


Wall Blast APK Mod is a simple entertainment game, the gameplay of this game is also very simple. On the screen of the device will appear a cannon, you will do touch action on the screen to launch this cannon. However, the strength of the bullet depends on the energy bar displayed at the bottom of the cannon. You will need to perform another tap on the screen to fire the cannon. Then, the player controls the direction of the bullet by swiping the screen of the device. Your score corresponds to the number of obstacles that your bullets can destroy. This game does not require too many skills of the player; you can join this game to relieve stress after hours of stressful work. You can use the points you earn after completing the rounds to upgrade the strength of your cannon. You will get a bigger source of power coming from different upgrades, and you will easily gain new records in this game.

wall blast 4

Some tips for gaming

First of all, pay attention to your energy bar. This is the most important factor for you to get high scores in this game. Use your reflex ability to perform the strongest hits to achieve high scores. Also, the player must also control his bullets properly. If your bullet is properly controlled, it will destroy many obstacles and help you get better scores.

Wall Blast for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Simple graphics

The games released by Ketchapp always have a very simple graphic design. Of course, Wall Blast for iOS is no exception. This game gives the player a very simple 3D graphics design and many different colors. However, many people feel uncomfortable when the walls are destroyed. The destroyed walls will create different pieces, and they will make the player’s equipment heats up quickly. Therefore, the game also requires that the player owns a device with a strong configuration to experience the game smoothly.

wall blast 2


Bringing new experiences to the player, Wall Blast will not let you down. With unique gameplay, nice graphics and simple design, these are the highlights of this game. You can experience the game easily with our links.