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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
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  • File size: 17 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/04/2018

Volleyball Championship for Android is a very attractive volleyball game, released by 101 Sports Go. Players will participate in the world’s largest volleyball tournament, demonstrating their skills and leading the team to victory. The game has a new and exciting way of playing, and the game promises to bring a lot of unique and exciting experiences to the players with top professional matches. Let’s find out about the Volleyball Championship.

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How to play and features

At the start of Volleyball Championship for iOS, you will be given a choice of professional volleyball teams, which you can choose from in teams from different countries around the world. Then, you will control your team to participate in the famous volleyball tournament. Your task is to take control of your players and hit the ball to score.

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The game simulates the rules of the real-life volleyball game; you need to train your skills and perform the most accurate controls to win the game. Each match is a difficult level, the tournament you participate in will have many matches, you will have to overcome the other teams in different games to win the championship. The more you win, the more teams you will have to play in the next match. They have players with very good technical and physical abilities, and you will face many difficulties in the higher levels.

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After each match, you will receive a bonus; you use the money to upgrade the players in the team, your team will be stronger and easily won in the higher difficulty levels. The control system of the game is very simple and easy to use, you control the direction of the characters by touching and swiping the screen.

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Download Volleyball Championship Android – Gameplay

When a character arrives at the point where the ball is dropped, they automatically pick up and hit the ball back to the opponent’s pitch. The level of impact the player has on the ball will be measured by the energy bar in the corner left of the screen.

The game has two modes of play: Classic and Challenge, which players will be able to freely choose the game mode and difficulty level to challenge their abilities. Also, the stadium system is also very diverse; you will be playing in many large and famous stadiums around the world.

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Graphics and sound

Volleyball Championship APK Downl0ad owns very impressive 3D graphics, character and surroundings are designed in detail, the game will have a large audience. The sound of the audience when your player scores points are described very lively, you will experience the feeling of playing volleyball when playing the game.


You are a volleyball enthusiast, you can not miss the Volleyball Championship game, with simple gameplay, impressive graphics, and sound, famous tournaments coming from many parts of the world. You will feel the hottest and most vibrant atmosphere on the big stadiums; you can download the game with the link below the article.