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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 64 MB
  • Date Updated: 18/04/2018

Virtual Family Fun Holidays: Hillside Farm is an exciting holiday simulation game, released by TapSim Game Studio. Players will control a character and participate in a joyful holiday. You can do anything to help your family feel more comfortable during this holiday. The game has varied gameplay, promising to bring players the most fun and unique experience, let’s find out more about Virtual Family Fun Holidays: Hillside Farm.

virtual family fun holidays hillside farm 1

Variety gameplay

At the start, the players control a boy in a farmer family. Your task is to do the work for your family to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Virtual Family Fun Holidays: Hillside Farm for iOS has very varied gameplay; each task requires players have different the gameplay. First, you’ll take chicken eggs to prepare for dinner by controlling your character holding a basket to catch the falling eggs. Players need to manipulate the basket wisely to successfully collect 12 eggs and complete the mission with the highest rating. Then, the players perform the task of repairing the cowshed, the cows are feeling hungry and breaking the fence to get out to feed. Your work is to take the cow herd back to the cage and fix the fence. You have to be careful to take the cows back because they are so easy to panic and run around.

virtual family fun holidays hillside farm 2

Virtual Family Fun Holidays: Hillside Farm – Android Gameplay

Next, players will take part in tractor controlling to plant new wheat crops for the next harvest. You need to control the car correctly so that it can renew the soil well. Then, players enter the stock to take a seed bag to prepare the seed. You will handle the sewing machine to grow new wheat plants quickly on the field. The game also has many other unique tasks for players to explore and experience.

virtual family fun holidays hillside farm

Realistic 3D graphics and lively sound

Virtual Family Fun Holidays for Android is designed with advanced 3D graphics. Characters and surroundings are very crisp and beautiful, the movement of characters and animals in the game is displayed very logically and smoothly. The voice of the characters and the sounds of the animals in the farm are very vivid.

virtual family fun holidays hillside farm 3

You can download the game here

If you are looking for new and unique gameplay to entertain Virtual Family Fun Holidays: Hillside Farm will be an excellent choice for you. With its varied gameplay, rich features system, realistic graphics and vivid sound, players can experience a real happy holiday when joining the game; you can download the game via the link below the article.