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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 47 MB
  • Date Updated: 05/04/2018

You love cute cats, you want to raise a pet, but your house is quite tight. Virtual Cat Cute Kitty is a virtual cats game released by Kiwi Go. You will experience as the owner of a cat, and it will bring the joy to you. That’s great; we’ll get to know more about Virtual Cat Cute Kitty for Android.

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The gameplay

At the start, you will be given one of three very cute with different colours named Rick, Lunar and Jane. You choose your favourite cat and begin to work on raising that cats.

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Your cat will be like in real life, they also have fun and sadness, so you need to play with your cat in the entertainment game such as pushing balls, looking for objects … When your cat is getting hungry, you will feed them; the food is sold in the supermarket, every time you feed the cat, he will have an adorable action.

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You need to bathe your pets regularly, which will keep them from getting dirty and infected. Use soap to clean the cat and flush it to complete your pet bathing. Each time you take care of your pets, you will receive gold coins, which you will use to buy food and clothes for your pet. The game’s clothing system is very diverse and unique; the cat will be more lovely in the beautiful costumes, players will also enjoy it very much.

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Virtual Cat – Cute Kitty Android Gameplay

Additionally, you can play mini-games such as puzzle games, electronic games … to earn more gold coins to buy more things for your pet. The game console is very intuitive and easy to use, and you’ll be able to accustom the gameplay of Virtual Cat Cute Kitty Mod Money in a beginner tutorial mode. The game has a lot of unique and interesting features for players to explore and experience.

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Graphics and sound

Virtual Cat Cute Kitty for iOS owns a cute 2D graphic design in cartoon style. Your cat looks very cute and lively; the objects around look very eye-catching and lovely. The sound of the game shows very well the cats’ emotions. You will feel like you are raising a real cat while playing the game.

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You can download the game here

Virtual Cat Cute Kitty APK Download is a virtual and highly entertaining virtual pet game, simple gameplay, various costumes and mini-games. The graphic design of the game is adorable and fun; you will have the most comfortable and fun moments when playing the game. You can download Virtual Cat Cute Kitty via the link below the article.