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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 26/02/2018

In September 2014, Vainglory – a MOBA game was launched and quickly became the benchmark for the sports game on mobile. Major tournaments are held quarterly, with many great cash prizes that make more attractive for Vainglory. This winter, Vainglory promises to bring gamers new experiences with the exciting new mode, a super general, and even beautiful little gifts.

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Vainglory for Android controls are considered to be more difficult than other types of games such as Mobile Alliance, Tiny Battleground, or Mobile Battleground. Movement and attack are integrated with the same operation as the League of Legends.

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Because joystick control is limited and inaccurate (you can not select targets), the use of touching control will bring sensitivity and comfort to the player. Everything revolves merely around tapping the screen to attack, move and use hero skills. Therefore, Vainglory is more favourite than MOBA.

The mode in game

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Vainglory for iOS gives priority to 3v3 combat in 10-15p. Bravvl is a very necessary supplement to players who do not have enough time to take part in short battles. In particular, the new Quick Mode is Onslaught (Vainglory) has been launched with very new gameplay: 3 to 3, confront each other in batches. Each round lasts 30 seconds. After five rounds, the winner will win. The two teams will fight in a small space, and the number of gold awarded after each round increases, the generals are equipped with a new skill. Only one score can change the game situation, decide who win. So, wanting to defeat the enemy in the Onslaught mode, Vainglory players need to coordinate well between personal gameplay and team tactics.

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Vainglory Mod Money is constantly being updated by the developers of the Super Evil Megacorp with many new features, and in particular, the 5v5 mode has been opened with larger maps, higher gameplay rhythms, well dealing with cases skills. Now, you can enjoy Vainglory anytime, anywhere, even 5minutes or all day, Vainglory is also able to meet your various modes of gameplay.

Diversified general system

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Varya, the newest general of Vainglory, is a powerful wizard of controlling thunder, like a combination of Thor and VVonder VVoman. Varya specializes in fast-moving tactics, fast-paced attacks with high damage, and disperses crowds effectively. She makes the enemy always wary, with her ability that can lightning on the head not only a general but all of the general opponents.

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Varya is the beginning of The Great War is Coming – the story that the Super Evil MegaCorp developer wants to create. If you are a Vainglory rookie, Varya’s speed will allow her to flay and run fast, preserve her life to continue fighting. If you are a veteran Vainglory fighter, building Varya skills is extremely versatile, suitable for any team with any role. With nearly 40 generals and the opportunity to get the costume completely free, you can freely choose the model to match your gameplay with gorgeous outfits.

Many leagues

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After each season, there will be new events and tournaments organized by Vainglory Mod APK. Do not be sad if you are not the best player, fight a lot, and your experience will increase day by day. Winter has come, snow covered Vainglory, and some popular generals also have costumes dedicated to the occasion. Specifically, several skins are only available this winter: Santa Reim and Tinman Alpha. Get your hands on your collection!

Vainglory APK – Best 5v5 MOBA game for Android

Beautiful graphics

Download Vainglory is explicitly designed for mobile, with FPS up to 120 frames per second, and players will experience the game with stunning graphics, realistic maps, all of them are more vivid than any MOBA game in the market. The monster system is also beautiful.


Do not hesitate any more, download Vainglory and participate in the fierce fight with your friends!