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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 99 MB
  • Date Updated: 17/03/2018

Fishing is a very simple and light enjoyment. However, it is very time consuming, and we can only fish for holidays or weekends. Fortunately, the publisher of PlayWay SA has just released a fishing simulation game called Ultimate Fishing Simulator. This is a very popular publisher and has many interesting games that we have evaluated such as Car Mechanic Simulator 18, RMX Real Motocross …

Ultimate Fishing Simulator APK Mod Money

ultimate fishing simulator 1

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Mod Money is being distributed on both the Android and iOS operating systems on March 9th. Of course, with great gameplay, the game has quickly gained a lot of attention from users. In the first week of release, the game received 5 million downloads and numerous reviews on Google Play. Let’s find out about this game.

ultimate fishing simulator 2

Interesting gameplay

Come to Ultimate Fishing Simulator for Android; you will be involved in fishing trips around the world. You can even move by boat in the middle of a large lake for fishing. Ultimate Fishing Simulator provides players to 12 different fishing locations in major cities such as Ottawa, Paris, Warsaw, Hamburg, New York … The game is a place where you can show off your fishing skills, the real features and effects that will make you feel very excited.

ultimate fishing simulator 3

There are many things that you need to carry with you every time you fish. This game will provide all that. Each widget has different functions and uses. If you’ve ever been fishing, it’s easy to get used to. However, if you do not often go fishing, it will take some time to get used to these things.
– The game also offers a variety of different fish; there are huge fish will make you surprise
– You will be accompanied by a fisherman who is knowledgeable about fish, and he will help you a lot during fishing.
– You also participate in fishing competitions with many other players around the world. Take part in the contest and show off your great skills.

ultimate fishing simulator 4

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Android Gameplay HD

Beautiful graphics

ultimate fishing simulator 7

Ultimate Fishing Simulator for iOS is an attractive simulation game with a very beautiful 3D graphics design. The images like fish, lakes, boats … are portrayed as authentic as a true fishing trip. Sure, the graphic design of the game will surprise you.

ultimate fishing simulator 5

Note: Currently, the game being released is Beta. So, in the process of joining the game, you may encounter some minor bugs. Do not worry, you just leave the game and re-enter. However, the game will quickly release the official version and completely overcome these minor errors. Let’s welcome the official version of this game.

ultimate fishing simulator 6


If you love fishing then definitely cannot miss this game. We provide the path below for you to download and install games for the Android and iOS operating systems. Have fun playing the game!