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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 11/03/2018

Are you a smart and talented person? Have you played many IQ test games? Want to overcome difficult challenges and not easy with your wisdom? If so, let’s play Turn It On !, which is an intellectual and challenging game for you to overcome. Turn It On! There are many levels and different ways of playing that will satisfy your brain. This game needs a very high concentration and acumen of the player. Pick up your phone and start exploring this game right away.

Turn It On! APK Mod Paid for Android/iOS

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Solve puzzles of the game

Download Turn It On! The gameplay is similar to many other intellectual games that have been released. This game has countless obstacles and tries your level of intelligence. At the start of the game, each level is shown in boxes with numbers in each box. When you click on each box, the system will show you a circuit board, your job is to turn on or switch the switches with the ultimate purpose is to make the lamp light up. In the initial levels, players can easily pass and familiarize themselves with the game, but with the next difficulty levels, the game will no longer be simple to let you pass anymore. You need to use your brain to analyze and identify ways to win. The higher the level, the more difficult and the switches need a specific time to activate. You also need a good memory to remember the point where you have turned the switch properly. The gameplay is quite simple but will become difficult at higher levels. Players will feel the real challenge and excitement of the game.

Features of Turn It On!

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This game is a traditional IQ test game, and it also has many simple features. Difficult levels increase and of course, the circuit board will be much more complicated. You will feel frustrated when being cornered because you can not remember the chain of switches or time to activate those switches …

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Turn It On! APK – New IQ game

Images and sounds

Turn It On! APK There is simple gameplay, and visual design of the game is also simple. Numbered boxes, switches and circuit boards are very familiar to us in the real world. Games that appeal to the player because of its simplicity with challenges is not easy. Sounds when you switch on and off switches are as familiar as you turn on a light bulb in your home, and when the bulb lights up there is a ‘ting’ sound. You will probably be addicted to this game!

Download Turn It On!

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Turn It On! Mod is a simple game and all the pictures and sounds of the game are very simple and familiar. IQ test game and you find it very useful right? IQ tests will not be continued until you have passed the previous level and no one wants to stop for too long. Download Turn It On now! on your mobile device and enjoy the feeling of overcoming the challenges.