• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: 02/04/2018

Download Tunnel Escape Endless Run is an exciting adventure game that has a lot of attention from players around the world. Playing this game, you will play as a character who is always on the run, your task is to avoid the obstacles and does not forget to eat gold to use for interesting purposes. The game is produced by the famous publisher Easytouch.Stu. The game is supported by the Android operating system. Here is a detailed article about Tunnel Escape Endless Run.

tunnel escape endless run 3

Tunnel Escape Endless Run – Join the endless race

Joining the game, you will be a character running away from a monster. Use your agility and skills to jump, bow and dodge to the side to overcome the challenges in the game. Players will run through different types of terrain such as tunnels or temples. Join and score as high as possible to show off with your friends.

tunnel escape endless run 2

The game possesses diverse obstacles such as fireballs, spikes … On the running way, there are gold coins, you have to move to them eat them to unlock better new characters. At first, the speed of the character is quite slow, but gradually the speed will run faster, so the game needs skill and agility of the players.

Tunnel Escape Endless Run Android Gameplay

The tunnel control system Escape Endless Run is quite simple, players swipe right or left to move the character to the sides, swipe down to slide, swipe up to jump. Take advantage of these moves to overcome challenges in the game.

– The challenges in the game are various
– Control system and gameplay is very easy
– You can experience the beautiful scenery in the game
– Save the player’s highest achievement
– The diverse character system is waiting for players to unlock

tunnel escape endless run 1

Graphics and sound

Tunnel Escape Endless Run for Android owns extremely beautiful graphic designs. Character images, runways and surrounding scenery that are highly detailed and realistic. Besides, the live;y sound system, the running sound or the voice of the character is described very attractively.


Overall, Tunnel Escape Endless Run for iOS is an addictive adventure game. You can join the game anytime you want. With the easy gameplay, the game is suitable for all ages. Right now, install the Tunnel Escape Endless Run via the link below. Have a great experience.