Lost in an uninhabited island, this is a very bad situation for all of us. Have you read Robinson Crusoe? This is a well-known novel, which tells of Robinson’s survival on the wilderness islands of the Caribbean. This man did everything to survive on the island and returned to the land after so many years. You will have the opportunity to become the second Robinson in Tropic Empire – Idle Builder Adventure released by Empires Not Vampires Entertainment. This game will tell you the most basic experience to survive in an uninhabited and dangerous place. Sure, you will love this game from the first experience.

tropic empire idle builder adventure 2

Survive on a deserted island

The game takes you to an uninhabited island, where you will have to make a living like the famous Robinson character. First, you will have to control your character to look for different types of resources and items needed to survive. The game will give players a lot of choices; you will be able to use resources to build buildings, weapons … New buildings will help you survive in this desert island. The tools, weapons and more will help you cope with the threats that come from nature.

tropic empire idle builder adventure 3

There are many players who want to change their goal of getting rid of the deserted island in this game. However, the game has given a lot of different requirements for players to develop this wild island. The island will become much more beautiful when players build and upgrade the buildings. To say, this is a beautiful island that many people want to visit and live here. Consequently, the players who have developed their island look like a famous resort and players can enjoy their great achievements. On this deserted island, there will be survivors like you; you control your character looking for other people and explore the mystery of the island.

tropic empire idle builder adventure 1

Tropic Empire – Idle Builder Adventure for Android/iOS

3D graphics

Tropic Empire – Idle Builder Adventure Mod Gems owns the animated cartoon style 3D design. All the details shown on the screen of the device are very simple. However, the game has very bright colours and high image quality. Players will be pleased with the graphic design of this game along with the lively sound system.

tropic empire idle builder adventure 4


If you are looking for a survival game on the deserted islands, Tropic Empire – Idle Builder Adventure will be a perfect choice for you. The game has simple gameplay with friendly visual design; players will not have too much pressure like traditional survival games. You will find many interesting and interesting things to play in this game.