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Getting Over It has become a phenomenon of the gaming community. The game was at the top of the game charts. Several months later, another game was able to defeat this game. This is TrapAdventure 2, a new game released but very hot in the market today. Download TrapAdventure 2 supports both Android and iOS platforms. The game has classic pixel graphics, a gameplay similar to the legendary game Super Mario. But what makes the game so special is that it challenges the patience of anyone.

Download TrapAdventure 2 Apk v1.0 Mod


A super hard version of Mario

Inspired by the legendary Super Mario game, the HIROYOSHI OSHIBA developer has created a highly addictive game. The previous version of the game, called TrapAdventure, has also impressed many players, because of its difficulty.

Your mission in the game

trapadventure 2 apk2

TrapAdventure 2 Mod Apk will play a small knight, carrying a very noble task, that is to overcome all obstacles and find a way to the palace, where the princess is imprisoned. No more dancing, instead you will have to concentrate because the trap series is very unexpected. They are annoying, if not patience; then you can crush your phone.

Easy manipulation controls

trapadventure 2 apk0

The control in TrapAdventure is also very simple, you will quickly become familiar with the game. To overcome the challenges in the game, there is only one way: you have to play again.
– Press the left key to move the character forward or backwards.
– Press “!” let the character sits down.
– Press “!!” let the character jump.
– Press “P” to pause.

Download Trap Adventure 2 – My First Completion

Graphics in the game

As mentioned above, a game designed in pixel graphics are so familiar to us. One thing to say is that right from the first game it was very difficult, and later on, it was even harder, requiring you to have extreme patience to play.

Do you dare to try TrapAdventure 2?

TrapAdventure 2 for Android is a very difficult game. Pitfalls in the game not only appear constantly but also unpredictable changes. Your friends will play in two directions: play to the end or give up immediately. Where will you be?

trapadventure 2

You need to spend $ 0.99 to unlock the full version of the game. So think carefully before buying, see if you have enough patience. Do you have the patience to play the game? If so, we will give you the link to download the game on both iOS and Android platforms below. Quickly download the game and conquer it!