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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 28/02/2019

Pokemon is a series of famous works of Japan with the unique design of many different monsters. Besides interesting monsters are smart trainers. With the development of this series, there are many different games built on Pokemon. One of the impressive games was developed based on Pokemon as Trainer Carnival. In this game, you will discover many interesting journeys of a monster trainer. Join many fascinating missions and discover an impressive array of monsters. With unique role-playing elements, you will be satisfied with this game.

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This game is like the works with content related to Pokemon. In Trainer Carnival for iOS, you will become a monster trainer. Move to many different lands to collect new monsters and train them. You can summon many different monsters to fight and compete with many other dangerous enemies. Create your Pokemon army with famous monsters like Pikachu, Mew 2, Kyurem-White and many other interesting monsters.

trainer carnival 2

Become a good coach

Monster training challenge is not simple; you will have to overcome many different tasks to collect and train monsters. To collect and train monsters, players must move to different areas. Each area will have its monsters to explore. Each monster’s strength and battle skills will be different, so you have the opportunity to experience many impressive fighting images.

trainer carnival 3

Your main task is to collect many monsters, train them scientifically and create a Pokemon team to compete with many other coaches. To get a powerful monster team, you need to have a wise strategy to collect and train combat skills for each monster. Also, the unique task that you must pay attention to is to increase the power of each monster. The upgrade will be done with many different requirements, depending on the type of monster you receive specific requirements.

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Trainer Carnival for iOS brings exciting antagonistic battles between many coaches. You have to arrange a squad to fight for pokemon that you own. Arranging your fighting squad is an important task, so players need to know the advantages of pokemon being used. The battles will take place in the Turn-base style; the monsters will automatically fight in the battle. You only need to observe and carry out the use of special skills of each pokemon. Note that special skills will need to accumulate more energy to use.

Beautiful graphics

The game possesses a beautiful 3D graphics and authentic pokemon types. With a good image quality, the game will meet all the complex requirements of users. Movement of characters and fighting skills of pokemon is really lively and smooth. Pokemon are carefully designed with many beautiful details and are close to the original in the manga. Besides, the intuitive control interface makes it easier for players to control. Also, you can watch many short videos that make the game experience more interesting and exciting.

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If you are a fan of Pokemon, Trainer Carnival is the most interesting option that you must experience now. Discover many exciting combat missions and global competitive opportunities. Share with your friends to get more exciting adventure journeys. Beautiful images and epic battles in the game will make you satisfied.