• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 52 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/03/2018

Recently, the publisher of Ovidiu Pop released a new game called Train Driver 2018, a very realistic space simulation game with a convoy of trains travelling long and winding. Come to Ovidiu Pop; you will become a mechanic and train driver, your task is to control the moving train and put the passengers in the cabin to the safe landing. Your journey will cross different lands on the available maps; you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery from all over the world. You used to drive cars, trams … but the train was different; you would have to learn a lot to improve your brain performance.

train driver 2018 1

How to play

Train Driver 2018 for Android is a fun driving simulation game; the gameplay is quite simple, you just tilt your mobile device in the direction you want to control the ship. You can switch the two viewing angles at right angles depending on the situation to ensure you are in the right direction.

train driver 2018 2

The journey to the destination is quite long and difficult; you have to overcome the strange land from all over the world, surely there will be many interesting things are waiting for you to discover there.

train driver 2018 3

Outstanding features

The map of Train Driver 2018 Mod Money is inspired by the scenery, the location of North America – where there are plenty of empty spaces, wide enough for the train to run smoothly. You will be travelling to North America for free through this exciting game, very amazing, right? The game offers six types of cruise ships that will allow you to comfortably choose between steamboats, diesel tankers, trains, freight trains, city metro lines or subways.

train driver 2018 4

Train Driver 2018 APK Mod Money/Coins

The scenery you can see on the journey depends on the type of train you are using, the lines of each type are designed in detail and separately. Each type of ship will give you a very different experience, change every time you feel bored with a certain type of ship. Also, the weather is constantly changing, so you have a great experience on each train.

train driver 2018 5

Graphics and sound

Train Driver 2018 Mod Coins is designed with true-to-life graphics, with cityscapes, peaceful countryside, mountain scenery, desert or snow …, will give you a great feeling. Mostly, the sound of the game is also designed very lively will help you as a true train experience.

train driver 2018 7

In a nutshell, Train Driver 2018 is a fun driving simulation game with very simple but very attractive gameplay. You can download this game on the machine, via the link below to enjoy with friends every weekend.