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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 40 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/04/2019

Driving and participating in daily traffic is everyone’s normal need. However, daily driving and safe driving are two completely different concepts. When driving you to need to pay close attention to the surroundings and make precise controls so that the movement is safe and does not affect the people around you. To improve your driving ability and enjoy lots of fun entertainment photos, Traffic Run! is the right choice for you. This game offers normal challenges but requires players to get good reflexes. Also, it provides many beautiful images for players to relax.

traffic run 2

Fun and realistic driving

Traffic Run! requires players to drive smartly to cross busy roads and many cars are moving. The mission of the game is very similar to real-life driving and especially during rush hours in big cities. The roads always have many different cars moving and crossing the road is very difficult. Besides, you must drive wisely to reach the required location and avoid collisions with other vehicles.

traffic run 3

To drive and perform the task of the game, simply touch and hold the car to move. And to stop, you just need to release your hand from the device’s screen. Control is simple but to complete challenges; you need to do things smartly and quickly. Also, when participating in tasks, you must observe the map of the game well and avoid colliding with cars around you. When doing the challenges of the game, you drive and collide with other cars, you will fail, and you have to play again.

Traffic Run! for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Levels and attractive maps

With the task of driving and crossing the street, you have the opportunity to explore many different levels with individual maps. The maps of the game all have their designs with different paths to challenge your driving ability. You can drive on straight lines, turn left or turn right to reach the required location. In particular, each level will be prepared with different means of transport. The higher the level, the more traffic is on the map and the roads will be very crowded. Therefore, your task is very difficult, and you need a lot of precise and logical controls to complete the level.

traffic run 4


Traffic Run! APK Download There is an interesting and colorful 3D graphics used to bring comfort to the player. On the map, every vehicle in traffic has its colors. If you do not observe, you will cause an accident. Besides, the manufacturer also prepares many different landscapes and weather systems. Since then, the player’s experience will be more fun and not create boring repetition.

traffic run 1


Traffic Run! is a nice and gentle game for you to relax in a short time. This game is not too complicated and suitable for many different ages. Also, you can easily join the game when you have free time because there is no need to connect to the internet to experience. To download and relax with these unique challenges, please use the link at the end of the article.