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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 20/10/2018

Everyone is sure to know the game is the card with the image of the wolves. This is a very interesting and addictive puzzle and game. But you do not always have enough people to participate in this game. So, BlankMediaGames producer has released its latest product Town of Salem. This is a game designed based on the part of the cards with the image of the wolves. Join the game, you will have a unique experience, and you will be addicted to this game. This is a multiplayer online game. So you can play this game in many different locations. Note, to join your device game you need to be connected to the internet.

town of salem 1

Interesting game

Similar to the werewolf game, in Town of Salem for iOS will be played with 7 to 15 different players. Joining the game, players will be given the option to split into two factions in the game. Town is the faction of good people. The remaining factions are bad people and have the task of killing good people, Arsonists and Neutrals, Mafia, Serial and Killers. When you enter the match, you will not know who is bad and who is good. Interesting gameplay begins after you have been split. The task of the good guys is not to get killed by the bad guys and to find out who the bad guys are. In contrast, the task of the bad guys is to kill all the good and not be detected or suspected.

town of salem 2


The game will be divided into two different stages, day and night. The game starts with the first evening in the town. The evening is a good time for the bad guys to kill people. After you have completed the killings well. You will have to come up with a convincing story with everyone in the town that you are not a killer. Think and make a good story for yourself. Because if your story is not logical, then people will be suspicious. For the bad guys, suspicion is unacceptable.

Town of Salem – The Coven for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After the end of the evening. If someone is killed in the morning, everyone in the town will start to suspect the latter. People will be allowed to investigate people around them. Everyone will need a story to defend themselves. When the players defend themselves, you need to think and judge whether the person’s story is reasonable or not. If you see the logic, you are allowed to ignore, if it is not reasonable you will be allowed to doubt and interrogate that person.

After hearing the story of each player’s defense, you will be allowed to interrogate suspects. Those who are suspected of having to defend properly by providing reasonable explanations for their story. If you are suspected, you need to think and explain it properly if you do not want to be blamed.

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After the end of the defense, the verdict will begin. In this section, people will make their own choices, who will be guilty and who will be innocent. If any person in the town receives more guilty than innocent, he or she will be killed. For bad people, think and watch carefully to blame the good guys and try to get rid of the good guys in a ruling. For good people, you need to be careful about finding the killer. In particular, you should not make the mistake that convicts other good people.

Impressive function

The game has some very impressive functions for character decorating and personal achievement collection. With in-game stores, you will be allowed to comfortably decorate your home with interesting items and pets. Also, you can arrange beautiful outfits for your character. In particular, the game has up to 200 different achievements for you to collect. Take part in many matches to collect for yourself the most impressive achievements.

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Town of Salem APK Mod has nice 2D graphics and excellent image quality. The details and layout of the game are streamlined, and the animation is smooth. The in-game image is handled very well by the manufacturer and will not make you feel bored playing the game. Although the game graphics are not so impressive but very consistent with the gameplay of the game.

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You will like this game.

This is an exciting multiplayer online game that you and everyone should not miss. You can also experience this challenging game with your friends and relatives. This is a great game of mind and brain. The game is now available on Google Play and App Store.