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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 36 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/03/2019

Besides the famous simple game makers like Voodoo or Ketchapp, there are many other famous producers. Homa Games is one of many well-known producers when they have created attractive, simple games. The products of this manufacturer are aimed at light and fast-paced experiences to meet the simple entertainment needs of many users today. With these features, they have released many unique games such as Crazy Home Run !, Squash Hit or Tiny Cars: Fast Game. Recently, they have also released a new product with attractive challenges, and it is called Tower Color. You will have the opportunity to experience unique destruction in many beautiful colours.

tower color 2

Gentle and fun gameplay

Tower Color for iOS will help you experience addictive demolition challenges along with diverse levels, promising to create a lot of fun and not take you much time to experience. You will be faced with unique towers of different colours. You have the task of destroying the towers in the game according to their colours. Players will get many balls with different colours. The colours on each ball will correspond to each area on the tower. So you just need to touch the areas with the same colour as the ball you received to destroy the area. Successfully destroying different areas on the tower will cause it to collapse and you will complete the mission.

tower color 3

Unique controls

With the goal of destroying different towers at each level, players will participate in challenges with simple one-touch controls. Touch different areas on each tower to destroy them. With this simple control, you can easily adapt to the game. The towers are designed to be cylindrical, so you need to rotate to the left or right to select areas to destroy. You are selecting reasonable areas to will help you complete the level more quickly.

Tower Color – Shoot Colors to Collapse it!

Many levels to relax

The mission to destroy your towers will be more attractive with a variety of unique levels to experience. The towers in each level are designed with different colours and their sizes will be larger after each level. The higher the level, the higher the tower. The challenges in the game are very simple, so you will experience continuously until you actively stop experiencing or not completing the task. Each level will give you a certain number of balls. When participating in the challenge and using all the provided balls that you cannot destroy the tower, you will fail, and you have to play again. Therefore, choose the correct target to destroy and manage the number of balls provided to complete the mission.

tower color 4

Party of colours

Tower Color APK Mod has sharp 3D graphics with a wide viewing angle so you can comfortably enjoy the beautiful colours when experiencing. When the tower collapses, you will enjoy an attractive colour party. The towers are designed scientifically with many different colours to create fun and gentle challenges for everyone.

tower color 5


With fast paced and fun challenges, Tower Color is the best choice for you to experience after working hard. The fast pace of the game also helps you not take much time to entertain, balance the time of rest and work. This exciting one-touch challenge is very simple, so it is suitable for all ages.