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Many football management games have been released such as Football Manager Mobile. Recently, Top Eleven 2018 was released by Nordeus. This game is one of the most popular football management games. With hundreds of millions of installs and lots of positive reviews from players on the Google Play Store, Top Eleven 2018 has achieved great success.

Top Eleven 2018 APK v6.6 Mod Money

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The gameplay

In Top Eleven 2018 for Android, you will be a manager of a professional football team. You have to take care of your team such as diet, workouts, finances, transfer players … You will start building your team and manage that team. Top Eleven 2018 Mod Money requires players with good strategic ability, patience and true leadership for a football team. Players can invite their friends to play together to enhance their team management experience. Top Eleven 2018 is an online football management game; you will play with your friends and lots of other players around the world.

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New features of Top Eleven 2018

You can sign the contracts with young players who are 21 or older. These players have the potential to become football superstars. You will train these players to become excellent players by your talented leadership.

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Players will have the opportunity to manage large and famous teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona … and participate in the various major tournaments. You will train the top football teams and lead them to victory with your tactics and leadership skills.
You can design and build your own stadium. This is a new and unique feature of Top Eleven 2018 for iOS.

Top Eleven 2018 MOD APK – Be a Soccer Manager

Graphics and sound

Top Eleven 2018 APK Mod is a strategic game and owns a very professional design. The game maximizes strategic capabilities. The unnecessary images are minimized such as the football players on the field are displayed as dots. The interface of Top Eleven 2018 is very professional and eye-catching. The sound in the game is not too exciting that helps players focus more and have higher thinking.

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Top Eleven 2018 Mod is a strategy game with an extremely professional design. Players need strategic thinking, patience, and leadership. The game will give you the opportunity to train and lead the world’s top football teams in major tournaments. The game can connect multiple players online. You can download Top Eleven 2018 via the link below the article.