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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 69 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/04/2018

If you are feeling bored with the games on the market now, join the game TooBold 3 extremely fun. Survival games are gaining momentum in the mobile gaming market. In particular, there are Rules of Survival, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale. These are all very exciting games and are appreciated by players around the world. However, these games have very similar gameplay and have been released for so long and can make many players boring. So join the game TooBold 3 to have more fun and new experience.

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TooBold 3 for Android is released by MisterSharlatan and is being distributed on the Android operating system. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available on iOS, and players of the operating system will have to wait a while longer to experience. Currently, the game is being released for free and you can download the game by following the link at the bottom of the article.

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New gameplay

TooBold 3 for iOS is a very popular survival genre, but the gameplay is very new. Come to the game, you will be playing a character with a lot of guns. You and the other players will be taken to a vast airport and fight against the enemy. In particular, your enemies are not other players, your enemies are other monsters like dinosaurs, rockers, and skeletons.

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You will face a lot of enemies and monsters, you must constantly move and destroy the enemies you encounter. Of course, other players are also armed with modern weapons and will fire you at any time. You should be careful because your enemies can appear anywhere.

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Download TooBold 3 Android Gameplay

In addition, the game allows you to control large animals armed with weapons and become your ally. This will make your team stronger than destroying more enemies. Not only that, after each game you will receive a lot of bonuses after each game, you can use that money to upgrade weapons and buy more unique clothes. In the game’s store system there are many unique and colourful outfits that allow you to choose. You can also buy accessories such as shoes, hats and headsets. Combine different clothes to make your character more unique.

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Graphic design is very simple

TooBold 3 APK Download has a very simple graphic design. The images of the game are designed to be minimalist and suitable for low configuration devices. So you can safely download the game to experience.

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If you are interested in these reviews then download the game from the link below. Currently, the game is supporting the Android operating system and is distributed on Google Play for free. Have fun playing the game!