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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: $3.99
  • File size: 479 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/04/2018

Told God-The Legacy of Cthulhu is a very special adventure game. Players will be involved in exploring the mysteries of the South Pacific Island, encountering and battling bizarre creatures. Learn the various fighting skills and methods of this scary adventure. The game was produced by Studio Basara, which was updated on April 8, 2018. Currently, the game is on sale on the Google Play store and receives a lot of installs from other players. If you are interested in Told God-The Legacy of Cthulhu, read our detailed article below.

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Told God-The Legacy of Cthulhu – Adventure on the mysterious island

Several years ago, a historian Stephen discovered a small island in the South Pacific, which contains shocking mysteries. This historian talked about this place to a friend, Colin Custer. Because of his curiosity, Custer decided to move into this place to explore. Players will be playing the role of guy Custer and adventure seek clues on the South Pacific island.

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Find out the clues are being stored somewhere on the island. However, the danger of the monsters will make you more careful in each step of the move. Monsters will appear in places where you do not know before, be calm and use your items and skills to defeat them. The secrets will be related, gather them and find the last clue of this adventure.

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Main features of the game

– Join a mysterious and dangerous island
– Search for secrets inside the island
– Link the clues to find out the most important thing
– Experience the horror of the game
– Fight the bizarre creatures
– The sound system is suitable for a thrilling adventure game
– Discover and find out the truth

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Graphics and sound

Told God-The Legacy of Cthulhu for Android owns the true graphic design, mostly dark colours, giving players an enjoyable experience. Besides, it is a very diverse sound system, players will feel like participating in this mysterious adventure.

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Told God-The Legacy of Cthulhu – Android / iOS Gameplay


Overall, Told God-The Legacy of Cthulhu for iOS is an adventure game that is being loved by so many people. Join the game and find out the mystery inside the island. The game is very addictive because the secrets bring great curiosity to the player. To easily install this game, please click on the link below. Have fun with your experience.