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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 500 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/01/2018

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark Wa is an incredibly addictive action-RPG, released by GameSamba from Japan. The game is based on the famous Tokyo Ghoul animated movie, which was published in 2014, depicting the dark, dark side of Tokyo, where brutal murders are frequent. So this is also one of the most popular animated anime in Japan as well as around the world.

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Tokyo Ghoul Dark War gameplay

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark Wa APK + DATA is a highly addictive action RPG, with beautiful graphics like anime movies, the game will give you a very enjoyable experience and allow you to explore a real underground Tokyo Ghoul. Let’s learn more about this fascinating and mysterious game.


Tokyo Ghoul Dark War characters

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark Wa for Android was released with the plot based entirely on the Tokyo Ghoul movie. Ken Kanegi is a college student who falls in love with his girlfriend Rize, something strange happened on their first date. Unfortunately, Rize is one of the most dangerous and flesh-eating creatures, called Ghoul, one-day Kanegi was kidnapped by Ghoul and became a new laboratory animal. Kanegi was transplanted by his ex-girlfriend Rize, who made him half Ghoul. The life of the student has changed since then; he always had to run and fight against the organization to find and kill the Ghoul as Rize.


Tokyo Ghoul Dark War skill

If you’ve played Mortal Kombat, it will be familiar, because this game is quite similar to Tokyo Ghoul: Dark Wa for iOS. You will be able to freely adjust your character to move back and forth across the screen to avoid enemy attacks while combining the character’s available actions to destroy the enemy.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Gameplay Android

Not only is there a unique character, Download Tokyo Ghoul: Dark Wa also gives you a lot of different characters to create variety for each game. There are more than ten different characters, and each character has its special moves and strengths to fight against different enemies. For players to enjoy the game, developers have added more Anime movies, which will make the game experience much more authentic. There are also a lot of different game modes to choose from. You can choose 1vs1, 3v3 or 5vs5 against other players, which of course requires a stable network connection.

Graphics and sound

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War

With 3D graphics in an anime style is extremely beautiful, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark Wa has described in great detail in the movie of the same name. The character in the game is very similar to the character in the movie, along with the tactics are also described very complete and clear. The combination of light and sound creates a very intense gameplay for the players to feel very attractive.


The most unfortunate part of the game is the lack of an international version and only released in some countries should. Hopefully next time GameSamba will release official games around the world. If you want to experience the game now, you can download it from the link below.