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  • Platforms: Android 2.2.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: 11/03/2019

Tittup – An interesting world of sandbox characters and a variety of fun missions for your entertainment. The challenges of the game are built very simply, and you can freely participate at any time. You will have the opportunity to discover many new characters with lots of fun missions ahead. In particular, the character system is very diverse, and you can freely become anyone. You are ready for these fun challenges, join now to enjoy a gentle entertainment space and lots of fun.

Tittup 2

An ideal game to relax

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time to relax, games with simple challenges are the best choice for entertainment. And Tittup for iOS has been prepared with a series of easy-to-understand challenges for you to relax. These challenges are not too complicated, and you can easily implement them. The purpose of these challenges is to provide fun entertainment and not have a lot of score requirements. You just need to choose challenges and complete them in your style.

Tittup 3

Experience the game

With these exciting and simple challenges, you will experience many unique characters like soccer players or hockey players and many other characters. Each character will be built with different challenges. Therefore, you can be involved in many interesting tasks. With a football player, you will have the task of bringing the ball to the opponent’s goal position to win. With a large football field, you can comfortably control the character to many different positions when performing tasks. Also, you can explore the challenges of a powerful princess or Viking warrior. Discover interesting journeys when travelling by a beautiful boat.

Tittup 4

Besides diverse tasks, you are allowed to explore many beautiful topics. The topics in each challenge are designed to fit each mission. You can enjoy the beautiful ice rink of hockey players or a beautiful river with giant whales when taking part in the challenge of Viking warriors. In general, these challenges mainly meet the needs of light and fast-paced entertainment. Therefore, it is suitable for players who have simple requirements and need to relax in a short time.

Tittup 5


Tittup APK Mod has a nice graphic with the sandbox design style that creates many beautiful images for you to enjoy. With sandbox design, the characters are well prepared with their details and colours. The map of the game is also appreciated when built carefully and suitable for each character — from there, creating interesting experiences and not boring players. While it doesn’t have impressive graphics, it still provides fun entertainment for everyone. Also, with a simple image system, the game owns a small size that makes it easy to install (30 MB).

Tittup 1


Built with many simple challenges and light experiences, Tittup is fit to relax after hard work. It brings interesting entertainment images and creates comfort for players if you have experienced too many complicated and time-consuming games, experience this game that will bring you a new fun and the healthiest relaxation.