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Life is more and more modern, you have less time because you have to spend more time for work. If you are looking for something to entertain after hours of stressful work, Tiny Pixel Farm is a great choice. Come to the world of gaming; you will have a relaxing time when participating in gardening, constructing farm as a real farmer.

Download Tiny Pixel Farm Apk v1.1.4 Mod Money

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Farm game is highly entertaining

There are many kinds of animals that are familiar to you like pigs, chickens, buffaloes or cows. The only thing you need to do is feed them. You will buy a small farm, which owns different animals. Once your income has increased, you can buy more expensive and rare animals such as deer, mink or whatever you want.

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Every farm has a few farmers. You need to assign them different tasks such as collecting eggs, bathing for horses, eating animals … There is a good point that you do not have to do one job directly. Instead, just touch the screen, and the task will be completed. You can raise as many pets as you like, but you need to make sure you can take care of all of them.

Become a hardworking farmer

If you do not take care of pets carefully, they can leave, sick or even die. Is it terrible? You will be provided a house inside the farm, a car for transporting food, transporting pets away. You need to buy cages for different types of animals. Besides, you should also plant many trees around the farm to help the farm have fresh air. You have a small pond to feed ducks and to other pets drinking water.

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Your task is to build a real farm. You need to raise a lot of different animals, earn a lot of money to expand the farm. The game has many levels. You will quickly increase the level when you make money from selling or buying animals on the farm. The game has its own quest system, allowing you to level up quickly.

Download Tiny Pixel Farm APK (Mod Money)

Awesome pixel graphics

Players can quickly become familiar with the game because it has a very easy way to play. All ages can play and love Tiny Pixel Farm Mod Money. The pets are carefully designed, so you definitely have the most fun gaming moments.

tiny pixel farm

Moreover, the sound in the game is fun, giving you the feeling of being on a real farm. Make regular visits to the farm to take care of your plants and pets as they are needed. If you work hard, you will soon become a wealthy farmer.

General comment

If you want to find a relaxable game to play, download Farm Tiny Pixel Farm now. When you play, all stress will quickly dissipate. Wish you have a nice day.