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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 22/01/2019

Thor is a famous figure in Norse mythology and frequently appears in the famous series of Studio Marvel. If you love this character, you should not miss games with related content. To provide people with interesting stories and experiences around this character, OneMena Games producer has brought a fascinating game called Thor: Infinite Defense. This game promises to bring many fun activities and exciting adventures around Thor. Experience right now to explore the fascinating strategic elements combined with the impressive role-playing style.

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Thor: Infinite Defense APK Mod was built with an impressive plot, Earth currently has no guard after Civil War event. And the most dangerous is the god of death Hela is planning to command the army of darkness to attack and invade Earth. You will become Thor and have the task of assembling superheroes in the world to prepare for the battle against Hela. With an attractive strategic element, you must build a strong army and fight continuously on many different battlefields to defeat the god of death Hela. Experience will become more excited when you have the opportunity to discover and use a variety of different superheroes in the world. Are you ready for the dangerous adventure journey? Create a superhero team of your own and win.

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Thor: Infinite Defense for iOS brings people to be classic but very interesting experiences. You will experience the classic tower defense style with many different characters. You also have the opportunity to discover and collect famous superheroes like Hulk, Hawk Eyes, Iron Man and many other characters. The characters of the game will be equivalent to a defensive tower type. Each character has their power to use when fighting. Create a team with many powerful characters to prevent enemies from invading Earth.

Thor: Infinite Defense for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You have the task of building different defence systems to prevent enemies from destroying the Earth. You just need to select the characters according to your strength or personal preference to create your defense system. Touch the characters and move them to your requested locations. Create a powerful defence system so no enemies can overcome. At the end of each level, you will have to deal with BOSS; you need to destroy BOSS quickly before they pass your defences. If you let BOSS pass, you will have to play again.

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Upgrade power

With a variety of impressive characters along with many levels and game modes to experience. The game also provides a character upgrade system for everyone to explore. Overcoming the mission or level of the game will help you get many good achievements and accumulate enough experience points to upgrade characters. Character upgrades are important, so you need to focus and calculate using experience points appropriately. The upgrade system will help your characters have better-fighting ability and a wider combat range. Besides building a science defence system, you need to regularly upgrade characters. Characters with good fighting ability make it easier for you to complete the mission.

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Final comment

Thor: Infinite Defense with classic tower defense style and sharp image system will help you have a lot of fun entertainment time. A unique series of characters with vivid image details will bring you many fascinating challenges. Besides addictive strategy elements is a series of beautiful character effects along with impressive battle maps. The pictures and interesting activities of the game will make you experience constantly, and you’ll be addicted to this game.