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There are many ancient tales in the Middle Ages, courageous warriors have made great feats in defending the country and against brutal enemies, huge beasts that make people terrified. These stories have become an endless source of inspiration for filmmakers and game makers. Recently, the game publisher NetEase has released a new game called The Soul of Hunters.

The Soul of Hunters Apk Mod Unlimited Money for Android

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The game will be released in China in early 2018. The game is a harmonious combination between the antiquity of the West and the sophistication of Chinese culture. Another good news for the players is that the game will support the English language to allow players around the world to experience.

Open world game

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Download The Soul of Hunters brings lots of difficult quests and powerful monsters that only appear in myths. You have to fight many different types of monsters, and you can not defeat them alone. You need to cooperate with other players and against the monsters together. The designers of the game created the terrifying monsters, that is mainly in the form of ancient dragons. All of them have terrifying powers, and you need to find effective tactics to be able to defeat them.


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The monsters in the game are hard to beat so you should try to calm down and patiently hunt each monster from weak to strong. After each battle, you will gain valuable experience to defeat the stronger monsters. Each character needs their own tactics to fight and different weapons. Each battle wins, you receive better weapons to defeat the boss in the following screen. All PvE and PvP battles are not limited to the level or position in the battle. The higher your combat skill is, the more reward you get.

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Beautiful graphics

The Soul of Hunters for Android has impressive graphics. All the characters, skills and monsters are well designed, giving a great experience for the players. Scenes are the village and the big cities. Horses and snow covered the sky are meticulous that make players feel like they are in a real medieval atmosphere. There are many different types of monsters depending on the location of the battle. Water reptiles, terrifying monsters on land or giant scorpions in the desert can kill you in the blink of an eye. So you should always be careful with them.

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General comment

The Soul of Hunters Mod includes fierce battles, new weapons and battlefields. This is a game that you definitely have to play in 2018. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!