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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
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  • Date Updated: 20/02/2019

Are you interested in dangerous adventure journeys or discover many dark mysteries? What do you do when you have to discover many dangerous mysteries besides interesting magic stories? Experience The Secret Order 7 to discover many unique adventure journeys and endless challenges. Become a smart character and discover the hidden secrets behind many crazy stories. Solve secrets and bring them to light. The fascinating challenges of this game are designed by Artifex Mundi. They are a famous producer with addictive puzzle products with many challenges that will make you experience constantly.

the secret order 7 shadow breach 3

Fascinating story about dangerous secrets

Artifex Mundi producer will bring an interesting story about the character called Sarah – a member of Griffin group. You have the mission to help Sarah discover many dangerous mysteries unearthed by the dragon family. They found an artefact that contained tremendous power capable of swallowing the world of humans. By their quick judgment and good thinking, players need to stop the upcoming crazy events to protect peace for the human world. Overcoming many complicated puzzles or tracing past stories to discover the secrets surrounding the antiquities found by the dragon family.

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Complex challenges

In The Secret Order 7 for iOS, people will have to explore past stories to understand the crazy powers in antiques found after centuries of being hidden. Move to many different locations and search for multiple answers. Use your nimble observation ability to find important items to discover dark secrets. You have the opportunity to explore 34 different locations and participate in the fascinating challenge of the game. Pay attention to listening to many conversations or letters to find answers.

the secret order 7 shadow breach 1

More than 42 different puzzles have been carefully prepared to challenge your judgment and thinking. These puzzles need good concentration and avoid dangerous pitfalls designed to deceive you. Each location will bring different puzzles, completing puzzles that will help you create a complete story. A complete story helps you better understand the dangerous power of antiquities.

The Secret Order 7: Shadow Breach for Android/iOS

Unlock new challenges

You will start with the challenges in the Main Game section, and after completing this section, you are allowed to unlock new challenges in Bonus Game section. Diverse construction with Main Game and Bonus Game creates lots of excitement for players. The tasks that are always designed and harmoniously arranged in each story create a series of fascinating challenges for everyone.

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The Secret Order 7 APK Mod has an impressive graphic with hand-painted details, and they create vivid images. The game has a fascinating theme and many mysteries for players to explore. Details of images that are stable and colourful bring a fascinating picture for you to enjoy. You will love this game.

The Secret Order 7


The great mystery and many intellectual challenges of The Secret Order 7 will make you satisfied. This game has a lot of highlights compared to other games of the same genre. You will find completely new experiences when solving the puzzle or mystery in the game.