The Savage King is a fascinating empire development game, developed by Digital Sky Entertainment Ltd. Players will involve in an extremely mysterious world, this world exists gods and humans. For years, the world has lived in peace and freedom – such a beautiful and wonderful world. Until one day, the king of darkness, the Dark Seven Kings, woke up and brought the war to the whole world. The battle affected both the supreme gods and many nations. You will become a king and engage in this brutal battle to defeat all the other powers and rule the world. With unique gameplay and impressive graphics, the game promises to bring a lot of fun and unique experience to the players. Let’s find out about The Savage King for Android.

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A unique empire

When playing The Savage King for iOS, the players become a good king. The task of the player is to lead the people and his soldiers to defeat all the gods and other kings to rule the world. Initially, you have to build simple buildings such as houses, markets, military camps … You have to fight with other nations to bring back many different trophies to continue developing your empire. Once you have the resources you need, you can upgrade existing buildings and build new ones. New buildings will give you new techniques and achievements to help your army and your nation become stronger.

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The Savage King for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You have to collect more different heroes to help your army grow stronger. The game has more than 100 heroes for the player to receive, each hero will have unique skills and strengths. You will create a lot of variety tactics along with the different heroes you have. Besides, you can alliance with other players to become stronger. The other Kings on the map of the game are all players around the world; you will compete with other players to see who is the best. The game has many other features that are waiting for players to explore and experience.

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Impressive 3D graphics

The Savage King APK Mod owns a gorgeous 3D graphic design. The characters in the game are very detailed and clear. Real-time battles take place at a very fast pace; players will feel the fierce battle. The sound of the soldiers and the various weapons in the battles is incredibly vivid and real.

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You can download the game here

You are the lovers of the Empire development game; you will not be able to skip the game The Savage King. With its unique gameplay, system features and diverse heroes, the large maps, the impressive graphics and sound. The game will bring you the best experience. You can download the game via the link at the bottom of the article.