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  • Platforms: iOS 10.0 or later Android
  • Price: $4.99
  • File size: 1.1 GB
  • Date Updated: 29/01/2018

Wear a headset and start playing Old Sins! As the strangeness of the sound begins to sound like a ringing sound, it’s time to realize that you are back in the world of The Room. You do not sleep dreaming; this is the real, famous puzzle game officially available on both Android and iOS mobile.

The Room: Old Sins Apk v1.0 Mod Unlocked for Android/iOS

The Room Old Sins

The game was released by Fireproof Games. This is a 3D puzzle game that is quite familiar to you. To play The Room: Old Sins you will have to pay a small fee of $ 4.99 for sure what games bring you far beyond that number. What’s so special about the game that you can not afford to miss? Let’s explore together.


Unlike previous versions, an invisible power with a mysterious voice dominates and dominates you, but in The Room: Old Sins for Android is completely different, you will have to investigate more. Do not just stop by touching, gliding or clicking on different parts of the box to discover the secret. You need to figure out the mystery behind you.

The Room Old Sins 2

In the game, when wearing a special glasses, you can see a very strange and mysterious world. “We’re making games, we want to bring them all,” said Barry Meade, sales manager for the publisher of Fireproof Games. That’s what he said when talking to about The Room: Old Sins for iOS is a product dedicated to those who have attached to this game over the years, they deserve to experience it and even new players. Unlike previous games, this time, The Room: Old Sins is no longer too much of a supernatural element. Instead, technicians are heavily involved in Victorian technology.

What is your mission in the game?

Everything happens in a dollhouse when you find it in a dirt roof. By working on the phone screen, you will gradually discover this mysterious outhouse. To control the character is very simple, you just swipe on the screen, pull the lever, turn on the switch, put the lost object in its place, when successful, the game will immediately notice Tell you the results.

The Room Old Sins 4

Things to do to uncover the secrets of The Room: Old Sins Apk Mod, you need to do a lot of things like turning on the joystick to start the engine, activate the steam engine or learn how to repair the pipe. Woodbridge shared with that he and his colleagues created a doll room in his office and that it worked so well but it was pretty bad, and it collapsed in just a few short months. The dolls in the game are much more durable.

The Room Old Sins 3

Graphics in the game are well made, thanks to the development of hardware in mobile devices in recent years that you can get the best gaming experience. Your task in the game is to solve puzzles, find lost objects and learn how to use them. In The Room: Old Sins Mod Apk, mysterious appearances everywhere, need you to find an explanation.

The Room: Old Sins (Fireproof Games) – iOS/Android

Graphics in game

The designer of the game, Tom Woodbridge, said: “We are very fortunate that Victoria’s wealthy families enjoy performing exotic things in the home. Wellcome in London – they have a lot of charm and darkness from the moment”.

The Room Old Sins cover

The manufacturer Fireproof has worked extremely carefully and hard to give players excellent picture quality. It is not wrong to say that they are the best in this type of game. Two horror elements and jigsaw puzzles are always scary but no less curious and interesting.

General assessment

If you are a loyal fan of The Room or you have never played through this game, I am sure that this is the best time to explore the secrets of The Room: Old Sins Mod Unlocked. Tough puzzles, new features in the game, and beautifully crafted designs are sure to be the hottest game on the market today.