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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 150 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/03/2018

Recently released Xiaojiao Zhang from China has launched the game The Outlived and received many positive reviews from gamers.

The Outlived APK Mod Money

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The apocalyptic plot

The Outlived for Android has an exciting background and story. The game depicted the world that it got Zombies, which is a very fast-spreading virus in space. Everyone in the city has been facing this pandemic. You have been lucky enough to live in a remote area and have no disease. Dangers are coming to your whereabouts, and then you are nothing in your hands. Can you fight the pandemic and survive in the game?

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When starting, The Outlived Mod Money will allow you to choose a character you like and can customize your hairstyle, eyes, skin colour… as you want.

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At the first time, you will not have any weapons in your hand (no food, clothes ….). Then you have to try to search and find places to find the items that are needed to survive in the fierce environment. In the game, everything is not as important as your life. You are alone through the hardships and against everything to survive.

In the beginning, you should find something you can find as easy as the rock, grass, etc. You should not despise these items because everything is necessary to help you survive. When the weather is so harsh, you need items like clothes that are a viable way to survive in those harsh days. In the game, you can build houses to hide and store the items you earn.

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Flirty zombies

In The Outlived for iOS, the bloodthirsty zombies are fast. Therefore, when you carelessly make sounds, these zombies will come to you and eat you. Therefore, you need to quickly build solid houses that can withstand the many attacks of zombies. You should also keep in mind that for a long time to defence, food is essential to help you survive

Many attractive game modes

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To create more enjoyable experiences for the players, the game offers many more attractive game modes so that players are not bored.
– Competitive: In this mode, you have to fight with other players around the world and destroy the bloodthirsty Zombie.
– Сraft system: Join the war of survival by finding items such as food, water, weapons … to destroy Zombie.
– Solo Survival: Confrontation with other players, they will appear everywhere to destroy you
– Team Match: You and the other players will become a team and fight with the zombies. This mode requires a rational strategy and a combination of members to win.

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It can be said, the graphics of the game is wonderful and detailed. The characters, zombies, trees, mountains … are portrayed realistically. Surely, the game will not make you disappointed.


If you are looking for a survival game and have many interesting features, you can not miss The Outlived for iOS. We’ve provided a link below so you can download games for Android and iOS. Have fun playing the game!